3 Amazing Ways To Save Money At An Online Car Auction

If you want to invest in a used car at an online auction but have a limited budget, read this first.

You always go to an auction with a set figure in mind and you always, always overspend. You’re not alone, either this is the same scenario at every online car auction for 90% of people. It’s such a prevalent problem among those seeking to buy a used car, that it puts people off. We decide we don’t want to go. We bypass the chance at an excellent new (used) vehicle because we worry that we will overspend.

The irony in this, is that we then go to a garage or dealership and pay twice as much as our overspend on something we perceive is more reliable because it has come from a reputable source. What if we told you that going to the auction house was a reputable source, too? Not only that, but attending an online car auction could actually save you money, instead of costing you?

Here’s how.

The 3 Best Ways You Can Save Money At An Online Car Auction

Here are the three amazing ways you could be saving money by using online car auctions sites to buy your car. Read this, then go to the auction prepared not to overspend.

1 – Reserve Prices

If you want to save money by buying your vehicle in an online car auction, look for the vehicles that don’t come with a reserve price. These will sell, no matter how low you offer. It might be that the owner simply forgot, or it might be that the vehicle isn’t roadworthy. Check to see the details and specs, look at the photographs and, if you are satisfied it isn’t a wreck, open the bidding as low as you can.

You could walk away with a car worth thousand for a few hundred bucks. You can click here for more info: https://www.crankyape.com/default.asp?pg=DisItems&Cat=11.

2 – Ask in Advance

Ask the auction house if you can have the advance list of items which goes out well before the auction date itself. You could get it as much as a week in advance of the auction, giving you plenty of time to browse which deals you would prefer. Others will do this, but only the experienced. It will give you the edge over the new buyers. Asking for the advance list at any online car auction means you have plenty of time to think through what’s a good idea and what isn’t. You can look at the bargains and set yourself a bidding limit for each one.

3 – Check Prices

When buying used cars at auction, you might make money, rather than cost yourself more of it. If you find some good bargains that are selling for far less than the worth of the car, you might resell them. Do these enough times and you will make enough to buy a car with the savings. It’s a bit of work but it’s worth it. Get hold of that advanced list and check the worth of the bargains. You could be in for a real treat.