Why You Should Pursue a Degree in Urban Planning

An urban planning degree is perfect for individuals who want to help transform their community. More people around the world live in urban areas than in rural areas. These changes have caused challenges in maintaining current infrastructure, transportation, and housing. It has also led to the need for new urban developments, and you can help solve these problems with an urban planning degree.

What is Urban Planning?

Urban planning is the practice of developing land for use as an urban space. These spaces are typically cities or towns but can also be as small as a community center or new park. Urban planning focuses on how to develop land for the best human use. Urban planning takes dedication and critical thinking skills. Developers must consider how factors such as environmental, economical, and logistics will change an area.

Urban planning in the twenty-first century focuses less on new developments and more on redevelopments that can improve lives. This part of the profession has become more prominent as eco-friendly technology and materials are used to build and develop areas. Many urban planners today are remodeling and redeveloping areas to become more “green” or environmentally friendly.

What is an Urban Planning Degree?

Urban planning is a complex field that incorporates different fields of study. Those seeking a degree in urban planning will receive a comprehensive education that teaches them the studies and practices involved in urban planning. Urban planning degrees are available in Bachelor’s, Masters’s, and Doctorate degrees.

Urban planning is not taught in many universities. In several countries, only a handful of schools offer Urban Planner Degree programs. Most schools that offer urban planning programs incorporate the program with similar programs such as architecture or engineering.

What Jobs Are Available in Urban Planning?

As cities continue to grow, so does the job outlook for those with an urban planning degree. Graduates of urban planning have the opportunity to work in many career sectors. This includes urban planning, architecture, politics, and education. Popular jobs include Urban planner, Project Management Specialist, Environmental Sustainability Planner, Building inspector, and Code Enforcer.

Many of these jobs are those that many people are familiar with. Most recipients of urban planning degrees work closely with city officials and politicians. Some graduates are members of city development boards or sit on city councils. It is not uncommon for graduates to pursue politics using their urban planning degree. 

Why is Urban Planning Important?

Urban planning has become more important as most people today expect life to function smoothly. However, cities do not build themselves. Developers spend thousands of hours planning every aspect of an area. Urban planning is crucial in maintaining the efficiency of busy environments. Without urban planning, cities would cease to function properly. The effects of urban planning are all around us. It can also affect the way we live in many ways. Well-developed cities and towns have easy-to-navigate roads, sidewalks, proper infrastructures, and housing for their population. The opposite proves true for underdeveloped cities and towns. These areas lack proper infrastructure and housing. Underdeveloped urban areas tend to also have economic problems as corporations are unwilling to invest in the area.

Urban planning is an interesting field. It is the perfect field for individuals who like a challenge and want to help change the world around them. Start researching Urban Planning programs today and begin the journey to a new and fulfilling career.