Who has experienced insomnia?

People experience insomnia more often these days due to stress and anxiety with more unexpected factors. These are caused by various elements such as jet lag, hard work, shift work, caffeine or alcohol consumption, bad uncomfortable environment, etc. Falling asleep is required for our body to recover from the damaged body cells. Lack of sleep will result in having problems from trivial to serious health issues. Behavioral or lifestyle changes are required to improve the sleep experience and appropriate resting. Sleepwave developed sleep aid earbuds called brid.zzz that can help you rest and sleep better.

World’s first interactive Sleep Tra-ider (Tracker & Aider)

Improving your sleep experience will involve a lot more than just maintaining an appropriate body posture while sleeping. Here we introduce brid.zzz. It is able to read your brainwaves by using the electroencephalogram (EEG) sensor. What’s good about this specialized feature is that it can determine the exact sleep stage by observing the brainwaves. Other smartwatches in the market out there will only analyze your sleep patterns by just recognizing physical motion during your sleep. It also has an auto-tracking function that learns the algorithm. This is why brid.zz is the world’s first interactive Sleep Tra-ider (Tracker & Aider).

Monitor your sleep stages easily and accurately with brid.zzz app

Monitoring and getting to know your sleep stages and patterns will be the first and most concern if you were suffering from insomnia and wants to see how you are sleeping. Once the earbuds are on your ears, they will immediately start measuring the brainwaves by an EEG sensor and detect sleep with higher accuracy. Just a simple touch and you can control a lot more functions. Now, easily monitor your brainwaves at home without some highly advanced technologies.

Ergonomic Design for your comfortable use

This open-type earbud brid.zzz is ergonomically designed to make sure you feel more comfortable and stay fit in your sleeping position. Just lie down anywhere you’d want to and toss and turn during the night. It is always important to keep your earbuds clean by sterilizing them. Brid.zzz charging cradle can make you charge and sterilize the earbuds at the same time using the UV nano LED cradle.