The not-so-obvious reasons behind the surge in weight loss treatment

There are a number a factors behind the surge in weight loss treatment
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It doesn’t matter who you are, body image is something that seemingly every person in the world wishes to change. Even if a person is always found in the gym, with the near-perfect physique, there will always be minor parts that they would fine-tune if given the opportunity.

For those people who are overweight, to a clinically concerning extent, it goes without saying that the body image issues perhaps play even more on their mind.

However, it’s not just “looking good” which has caused an increase in the number of people undergoing bariatric surgery for weight issues. There are umpteen other reasons behind the surge in weight loss treatment, many of which are unknown, which we will now mull over.


There are some pretty interesting stats out there in relation to asthma and weight loss. While it may appear quite unrelated on first look, one study found that bariatric surgery significantly helped those who previously took steroids for the condition. Most people in this group were able to stop their steroids completely 18 months after the surgery – highlighting just how effective it can be.


Considering the body image issues we have discussed, the link with obesity and depression probably isn’t all that surprising.

It has been found that those people who are obese are 25% more likely to suffer with a condition such as depression. There are also indirect factors to look at here; due to all of the separate conditions that obesity can cause, depression can occur as a result of one of those.

Sleep apnea

Sleep apnea is arguably one of the least understood problems which can be caused by obesity. In short, it refers to a condition where a person will stop breathing in short stints during sleep – with this having the knock-on effect that the person is much more tired than they really should be during the day.

Experts believe that excess fat around the chest and neck can restrict the amount of air that enters the lungs and ultimately cause this problem. Therefore, by rectifying it, there’s every chance a person can become more alert during the day.


Statistics have shown that more and more women who are attempting to conceive are obese. This is undoubtedly a problem; particularly when you consider the fact that one study showed that almost half of obese women have irregular menstrual cycles.

Ultimately, it means that the chances of conceiving are much lower. As well as this, if a woman does fall pregnant, there is also a higher risk of miscarriage due to obesity.

Urinary stress

Losing weight can help you reduce the frequency of urinary incontinence. In addition, taking Confitrol24 can help you do something about UI and make you less worried about embarrassing leaks and discomfort.

Another surprising condition which can be caused through obesity comes in the form of urinary stress incontinence. While bladder control issues can occur due to a number of reasons, obesity is something which can be a major risk factor.

The reasons are very straightforward to understand as well. Due to the additional weight which is accumulated on the midsection, it means that the bladder comes under increasingly more pressure.