Water Slide for Your Next Summer Event

Planning an event this summer? Make the most of WA’s sunny skies and find yourself a waterslide for hire in Perth!

Splash into Summer

No outdoor summer event in WA is complete without getting your feet wet. Whether you are throwing a backyard birthday bash, hosting a local council event, or running a school fete, inflatable water slides are guaranteed to entertain. Below, we’ve listed a number of ways that hiring a water slide could benefit all kinds of social events. 

School Fete

Having a giant water slide at your school fete is a great way to keep young families and kids entertained. Additionally, it is sure to draw a crowd and catch the attention of anyone passing by. It would also look great on any social media content or posters used to promote the event. The adults could even have a go on the slide if they’re feeling nostalgic! Pair this with a bouncy castle and you’ll keep patrons sticking around for hours, making them more likely to donate or make a purchase. Plus, having a variety of amusements keeps the queues shorter so everyone can have a turn. You could charge those wanting to have a go on the inflatables a gold coin to participate in helping to raise funds. 

Sports Club or Sports Team Event

The waterslide you hire in Perth for any sports club event is a great way to get team members laughing together as they build positive memories. Having a good time together helps to foster the team spirit and encourage each member to work better as a team. Having good rapport between team members improves communication, leading to better overall performance during game time. If you are hoping to instill a healthy level of competition in your sports team, some companies that hire out water slides may also have sports inflatables (think bubble soccer, gladiator rings, and obstacle courses). These can really bring out anyone’s competitive side! Players will also grow their own confidence by competing in these fun, low stakes activities.

Company Event with Kids

Whether you are launching a product, celebrating a company milestone, or throwing an end of year corporate party, you can be sure that a water slide will keep guests entertained for hours. It is likely that staff members attending the corporate event will have young children. Any water slides you hire will allow the parents to have a break and enjoy socialising while their kids have some (supervised) fun on the inflatable. Even the adults could have a go too if they wanted! Some inflatable hire companies offer amusement packages, giving you a variety of amusements to help keep a crowd entertained while sticking close to your budget.

Local Council Events

Bringing your local community back together with a community activation event? A waterslide you hire in Perth will definitely help reinvigorate any public space and get people outdoors. Complement the water slide with other forms of entertainment by encouraging local artisans and vendors to set up stalls and inviting local bands to perform live. Doing so will definitely liven up any shared public space and encourage local tourism, leading to more people visiting the area and supporting local businesses in the long run. If you are looking for a good deal, Perth companies like Monsterball offer regional amusement packages, as well as free delivery, setup, and pack down within 30 kilometres of Fremantle. 


Throwing a backyard birthday bash but don’t have a pool? Why not hire a water slide as the highlight of the event and build a theme around it instead! Pair it with a themed bouncy castle to really get the party started. You can plan all sorts of fun activities on the inflatables to keep guests happy for hours. Some water slides can be used both wet and dry, as well as allow kids from just the age of 3 to have a go! Younger kids will be able to keep themselves entertained on a water slide as they make up their own games, allowing the adults to actually have a break and enjoy a cool drink under the sun. And the best part? You don’t have to be a kid to get on an inflatable water slide – you just have to be keen on having a good time! 

There are plenty of great places where you can find a waterslide for hire in Perth, you just have to look. And if you’re feeling creative, or really want to make your event a memorable one, why not design your own inflatable water slide? Family-friendly, eye-catching, and guaranteed to entertain, a water slide is the perfect addition to any event happening this summer.