Various Reasons Why You Need to Protect Your Feet with Steel Blue Boots

Construction sites, forges, smithies, heavy industrial plants and other similar workplaces can be downright dangerous to say the least. It is often the foot that gets to be the brunt of such potentially dangerous places. A heavy iron beam slipping and falling on the toes, or a machine or even molten metal crashing down on an unprotected foot can not only end careers but can also mean massive amounts of insurance payments to boot, no pun intended.

This is the part where Steel Blue Boots come into the picture. There are various reasons due to which such boots are deemed ideal for any and all kinds of really rough and tough work. Some of them include the following:

  • Hardened Steel Toe Caps

Steel Blue Boots feature a hardened Steel Toe Cap that has been especially designed to meet various Australian as well as New Zealand safety standards. The main advantage of this steel toe cap technology is that it offers excellent all around protection for your delicate toes.

  • Extreme Resistance to Different Kinds of Workplace Related Hazards

Blue Steel Cap boots are fully capable of absorbing the impact of a drop force of 200J, without losing their structural integrity. Apart from that they can also easily handle 15kN of rolling objects too. In addition to the above, they can also shield the user’s toes from various different kinds of nail gun punctures as well as power saw cuts.

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  • Extensive Testing

The Steel Cap-equipped boots made by Steel Blue are widely considered to be mandatory footwear, by many foremen as well as other old hands that are found on dangerous work sites. This is due to the fact that they are comprehensively tested against corrosion. These boots will be able to withstand challenging situations, even when they are worn in warm, humid and sweaty conditions for long periods of time. Furthermore, they are also tested for high impact compression as well as the boot’s internal dimensions so as to ensure that the Steel Toe Cap is able to cover the required area that needs protection. This is why they are the single most popular choice, even in environments that are replete with nail guns, power saws and other potentially lethal tools and implements. These boots are easily available at the Workwear Hub online

Steel Blue’s vast range of safety toe cap-equipped boots is in full compliance with the safety standards currently in place today:

  • Composite Toe Cap

Steel Blue also offers their own line of composite toe caps that are made up of entirely non-metallic materials. These are electrically non-conductive as well as extremely lightweight. This is why they are ideal safety equipment for an environment where electric currents are a viable danger.