Ways to make money at home

Freelancing is just one of the Ways to make money at home ... photo by CC user 113026679@N03 on Flickr

Tired of grinding your 9-5 job, especially in these darkening days of early winter? Want to spend more time at home with your kids? See your friends more? Travel the world? When you learn how to find ways to make money at home, all these possibilities become attainable.

Let’s explore four ways you can do this…

1) Become a freelancer

Do you have any skills that are primarily or exclusively digital? If you are a skilled writer, coder, graphic artist, or have any other talents that can be executed over the internet, you can begin to build a portfolio by peddling them during your spare time at home.

With a little old-fashioned hard work, you may be able to generate referrals, land new clients, and build up a consistent income from month to month that might allow you to quit your day job. Start tonight.

2) Sell your junk over the internet

If you are like a lot of people in today’s modern world, you probably have a closet at home that is stuffed to the gills with stuff you thought you needed when you slapped your credit card down for it months or years ago.

Now, it’s sitting in there, gathering tons of dust. Fortunately, you can free up that space, AND generate a respectable pile of cash for your crap.

Whether you choose to list your things on local online classified sites like Craigslist, or choose to take it to a global market on auction sites like eBay, soon you will have a wallet that is markedly fatter, and your clutter will be magically gone … what fun!

3) Try your luck gaming online

Feeling lucky? Got a blackjack strategy that has worked well for you in the past at your local gaming establishment? With a bit of skill and some timely luck, you too can win a little or a lot from the comforts of your own home.

There are many online casino site out there, so sharpen up your game, put only what you can afford to lose in your account, and hop to it. Good luck at the tables!

4) Start a business that can be run over the web

Tired of working for a boss? While freelancing gets you out of the corporate world as mentioned above, figuring out how to create something of value and sell it over the internet can help you obtain the holy grail of those that seek to escape the rat race – passive income.

It may not be an easy process, but once you get traction with your target market, the feeling you’ll get by looking at deposits that landed in your bank account while you slept will be an addictive one.