The Top Signs of Nursing Home Abuse

If you have placed a family member or loved on in a nursing home, chances are you’re already on alert for any sign that he or she is being mistreated. Unfortunately, there can be signs that you may not be aware of and do not notice until it is too late. Here are some of the top signs your loved one may be experiencing neglect or abuse in the nursing home.

Lack of proper hygiene

One of the first signs that your loved one is being neglected is a decline in the level of care given to their basic needs. Often, if a nursing home or care facility is losing staff or starting to decline in quality, small daily tasks are the first to be neglected. If your loved one has always been someone who prides themselves on cleanliness and presentation, but suddenly looks less put together than normal, this can be a sign that daily maintenance tasks are not being done properly. You may also see evidence of this in the common areas or rooms within the nursing home, which might be dustier or more cluttered than before.

Lack of enthusiasm

If the staff is exhibiting a lack of enthusiasm for their work, that feeling is likely to trickle down to the residents. As the daily upkeep and maintenance of the facility starts to dwindle, residents are likely to lose the enthusiasm they once had for living there. If your loved one once enjoyed their place of residence, but now claims not to like living there, its important to ask for specific reasons and incidents. These specifics may help you understand the areas that are being neglected and whether you feel they are worth looking into further.

Worsening of medical conditions

While it is normal for medical conditions to get worse as time goes on, a marked worsening of a condition that has stayed stable for some time can be a sign of negligence. It is possible that the people in charge of administering medication and monitoring the condition are slacking. If your loved one continues to get worse, consult with their doctor to see if there may be a cause that traces back to abuse or neglect in the care facility.

Lack of proper communications

Part of the facility’s job is to communicate with you and keep you apprised of your loved one’s situation. If important things, like a change in medical condition, worsening of an illness or accidents like a fall in the shower are not reported to you immediately, it can be because they are not staying on top of the things that happen on a daily basis.

If you suspect that there may be nursing home abuse happening in the life of your loved one, contacting lawyers for nursing home abuse is the best way to proceed. An experienced attorney can help you determine whether an issue exists and how you can seek recourse.