Proton therapy in Czech Republic

More and more effective methods of oncology treatment are developed every year. As a result, the lethality of cancer is decreasing gradually. However, it is still quite high. Oncology takes second place in terms of lethal outcomes after diseases of the cardiovascular system.

That is why it is so important to choose the best clinics for advanced treatment. At the moment, proton therapy is one of the most effective methods. Proton therapy in the Czech Republic is recognized as one of the most effective in the world. That is why patients from all countries come here.

Reasons to choose Czech Republic

Due to the use of up-to-date methods of treatment, the country has become very popular among foreign patients. Every year several thousand patients come here to undergo innovative treatment. Czech clinics have a huge list of advantages:

  • Czech doctors have extensive work experience. This allows them to successfully treat even the most complicated diseases. That is why treatment in the Czech Republic is as safe for the patient as possible.
  • The increase in the number of foreign patients from all over the world contributes to the fact that the medical staff of Czech clinics speak several foreign languages.
  • As a result of regular equipment upgrade, the quality of treatment, and diagnostics in the Czech Republic corresponds to the international standards.

What is proton therapy?

Proton therapy is a modern method of radiation therapy which is used for cancer treatment. It combines high efficiency and minimal harmful effect on healthy cells. This method has been successfully used around the world for decades. With the development of medical tourism, proton therapy is becoming more and more affordable and popular.

During the session of the conventional radiation therapy, healthy cells around the tumor are damaged due to exposure to radiation. The use of proton therapy helps to avoid this. In this method, the radioactive particles release their energy exactly inside the tumor and the surrounding tissues are not affected.

As a rule, patients tolerate the procedure well. Most of the time they can continue usual daily activities without experiencing significant side effects.


Radiation oncologists in the leading specialized hospitals of the world know about proton therapy. The method has a huge number of advantages compared to conventional methods of cancer treatment.

  • Proton therapy is used when other treatment options are ineffective or contraindicated.
  • During the treatment, patients receive a lower dose of radiation than with conventional radiation therapy. This reduces the possibility of side effects development.
  • As a result of targeted tumor irradiation, harmful effects on healthy tissues and cells are minimal.
  • In addition, this method allows treating tumors that can not be removed surgically because of their hard-to-reach localization.

World’s best clinics

There are several specialized medical centers in Prague. However, it is worth mentioning the clinic with a worldwide reputation and high-quality medical services – proton therapy center Prague.

With proton therapy in Prague, all types of cancer of any stage can be treated by ultra-precise irradiation. Over the years, the clinic has helped thousands of patients to get rid of cancer. Annually, the center can receive about three thousand patients.

Thanks to modern equipment, the quality of treatment here is recognized as one of the best in the world. All medical procedures performed here comply with international standards.

In addition to proton therapy, the center has the most modern diagnostic equipment, which allows detecting malignant diseases with maximum accuracy.

How to undergo treatment in Prague?

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