Top Laser Hair Removal Methods that You Need to Know

Excessive hair at unwanted places on the face and the body can be unsightly and cause embarrassment to people, especially women. You can try waxing, shaving, plucking, and depilatory creams but they are only short-term solutions. Your hair will grow up again in those places making the area look unsightly and inconvenient. 

However, you don’t need to worry. with the latest laser technology, you can certainly get rid of excess or unwanted hair in your face and body. The laser hair removal in Melbourne allows you to permanently remove the excess hair and achieve a pleasant and beautiful appearance. 

It is extremely secure and doesn’t cause any major or long-term side effects. It doesn’t need any downtime either. Therefore, you just need to walk to the Cosmetic Physician, get the procedure done, and walk out. It is that swift and simple. You don’t need to undergo any expensive surgical procedures or need extra time for recuperation. 

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre provides the most comprehensive solutions for laser hair removal in Melbourne. Even men with excess body hair can undergo this swift laser treatment procedure to remove their excess or unwanted hair from the body.

Our advanced methods offer a permanent solution to the problem of excessive and unwanted hair in the most comfortable way possible. Here are the top laser hair removal methods available at Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre.

Lyra Laser System

Lyra Laser hair removal is a popular and secure procedure that provides a permanent solution to excess or unwanted hair growth. The Lyra laser system targets the hair follicles in the marked areas of the skin to stop the hair growth without affecting the skin. It is a wonderful long-term solution for excess hair removal or unwanted hair removal.

The advanced Lyra Laser System has received FDA and TGA clearance for commercial use as permanent hair reduction or removal equipment. Lyra Laser technology contains a unique blend of some of the longest wavelengths, patented skin cooling technology, and variable pulse durations, that together make it extremely efficient, secure and comfortable for all skin types. 

Elite +

Elite + is the latest dual-wavelength laser technology that delivers efficient, reliable and cost-effective laser treatment for unwanted or excess hair removal. This ultra-modern laser technology provides top quality hair removal solutions within a very short period. Its special cooling technology is designed to greatly improve the comfort and satisfaction of patients during treatment. Elite + laser technology can deliver exceptional results on all skin types. 

Intense Pulsated Light

Intense Pulsated Light or IPL  procedure is an effective way to get rid of unwanted hair. In this Intense Pulsated Light technique, a short and effective burst of light is focused on the marked area of the skin. This is a high-intensity light that generates heat. This heat stops the regrowth of hair and facilitates the regeneration of the skin. Therefore, the Intense Pulsated light method of excess hair removal doesn’t just stop hair regrowth but also improves skin quality.

The Cosmetic Physician will first conduct a detailed examination of your skin and the area of excess hair growth, and then suggest the right laser treatment for effective and permanent hair removal. 

Facts about laser hair removal

  • For best results, laser hair removal Melbourne has to be conducted by an experienced cosmetic physician in a controlled and sterile environment.
  • The treatment is effective in inducing long-term hair removal.
  • The treatment targets the hair follicles or superficial hair on the skin surface 
  • Different laser wavelengths are required for different skin and hair combinations for effective hair removal.
  • You need to follow the guidelines and recommendations post laser treatment to achieve the best outcomes.

Laser hair removal Melbourne is also effective in removing excessive hair that occurs due to various medical issues, such as:

  • In Polycystic Ovarian syndrome women usually experience excess hair growth and acne. Laser hair removal is very effective in getting rid of these types of unwanted hair in the body. Additionally, lasers can successfully treat acne as well.
  • In Pilonidal Sinuses, patients could opt for an effective laser hair removal in Melbourne for great outcomes.
  • In Ingrown Hairs opt for an efficient laser hair removal in Melbourne for best results.

Nitai Medical and Cosmetic Centre offers the most comprehensive laser hair removal treatment. To consult an expert about Laser hair removal in Melbourne, visit Dr. Shobhna Singh today.