Top 2 Common VPS hosting Myths Debunked

Currently, the data of almost any company, CRM, Internet, telephony, and e-mail are located on a remote server. It, in turn, can be located anywhere in the world and work in a specialized data center (data center), or, as they say, more often, in a data center.

A data center is like a nuclear power plant. It will always work under any conditions, 24/7, regardless of holidays, weekends, pandemics, and other external stimuli. Thousands of companies trust data centers with the most valuable thing – data. And data center employees are obliged to ensure the VPS hosting reliability, safety, and stability of their storage. Few people think about how cloud VPS hosting complexity works. Hence, a huge number of myths about him. We will try to dispel the most common ones about VPS hosting security and VPS hosting affordability, and now open the backstage of the work of a modern data center.

VPS Hosting is Insecure

Most of the myths are related to the security of VDS and VPS hosting. You can hear legends about data center employees who read and steal customers’ corporate data, about hackers who monitor hosting around the clock via a stable channel, and about armed intrusions. Fortunately, these stories are as far removed from reality as possible.

Every responsible hosting provider such as  provides highly secure VPS hosting. This means that the data is reliably protected, and the servers are monitored by qualified specialists.

Accordingly, a modern data center and VPS hosting resource allocation is not a booth with wires, but a protected vandal-resistant building, equipped with video surveillance systems, access control, air conditioning, automatic fire extinguishing, backup power supply systems, as well as ubiquitous monitoring system. Strangers do not walk here, foreign intrusions will be instantly detected and cut off.

VPS Hosting is Too Expensive

Indeed, why pay to rent a dedicated server when there are free offerings on the market? The company is small, and every cent is in the account, so it is better to spend the saved amount on website advertising.

That’s just the problem. Visitors to the site, which is located on free hosting, may not see this site. It’s time to think about “free cheese” and think about what hosting without tariff plans entails. And it can be:

  • low connection speed;
  • some allocated resources;
  • a huge number of server users;
  • complete lack of responsibility on the part of the operator.

And these are far from all “surprises”. If the resource of a dealer of recreational drugs or other illegal products turns out to be on the same IP as the site, there is a high risk of getting into blacklists. Blocking goes by IP, and no one knows who is good here and who is not.

What else? Free hosting does not guarantee security. Technical support is absent or works at the level of `we will call you back in a month`. Instead of savings, there are many problems. Let’s also not forget that the lack of tariff plans can turn out to be marketing bait: after 1-2 months, the services may become paid, and may not even be the most profitable.

Cloud VPS hosting Canada or a Dedicated server is not just another “waste”, but a reliable and modern basis for the stable operation of the company’s systems. It is more profitable than maintaining your own server room. This is data protection from a bunch of negative external factors. And this is an opportunity to comfortably work with data of any volume, providing effective management, control of the sales funnel, and much more, which is important for modern business.