Tired of living paycheck to paycheck?: Plan your future with a Retirement counsellor

Did you know that 82% of South Africans live from paycheck to paycheck? Only a small minority of our population claims to have saved enough if they lost their job right now. In this case, as well, most of them don’t feel confident about going a year without a job. This hints at a major financial instability. Now, imagine what happens 20 years or 40 years down the line, when you retire. Would you still be living with the same finances or would you have strengthened your grounds?

We would like to think that the situation would be glossier. One plan for stress-free retirement life. For that, we invest in savings schemes, equities, debts, and more such instruments. We go for life insurance policies. We also plan for our emergency contingency, which could involve pension-backed loans.

There are many avenues, however, not knowing how to go about them is not helpful. 

So, how do we change this?

We don’t blame you for not knowing all the answers. You might not have the financial background to make your financial decisions carefully. But, help is out there. If you are planning for the long-term, you need a financial expert, to have the best retirement financial advice. 

The following are a few steps using which a retirement counsellor helps their clients: 

1. Monitor your current situation:

It is never too late to start planning for your future, and so your retirement counsellor is the first person you tend to get in touch with at this very moment. If you are in your 30s as well, this is a good time. A good counsellor would take a look at your current expenses, earnings, investments, insurance policies, and more to evaluate where you are doing well and where you might lack with the help of retirement financial advice. Based on this vigilant checkup, they would prescribe the way ahead. 

2. A proven track record with many portfolios:

If you are planning to run with it solo, you may be risking too much. You might need some financial acumen and a change of opinion even if being at the steering wheel is the plan. Counsellors have a background in dealing with people from different backgrounds. We know they make their hard-earned money showing results in all portfolios. This is why you would only benefit from their experience.

3. Can help you become more financially intelligent:

As you sit with more experts, you recognise what has become outdated and how savings can be done better. While a retirement counsellor does what he is paid to, which is “COUNSEL”, he also makes sure to enrich the customer with the independence and ambition required.

4. Has the knowledge you need:

Often when we reach out to professionals, we have a sense of knowledge. You may know the best instruments to invest in for your risk appetite, however, you may be surprised to know that risk and returns can both be managed for your specific portfolio. This is why you need a counsellor, who has advised many clients and driven your kind of profile too. So, he probably already knows the best tools.

5. Goes beyond financial strategy:

When a counsellor is hired, their job is to look at you as a whole too. A retirement counsellor might help you evaluate the right professional path as well, which would help you make informed decisions on what kind of job you’re looking at, how to find the job that leads up to the retirement ambitions you have and more. 

However, these are just the perks of getting a retirement counsellor. Don’t worry, there aren’t any cons if you get a good one. Now, where do you get a good one? At Employee Benefits Explained, we make sure you find all the financial help you need. From savings for today to make a sound, fail-proof strategy for old age, we have the knowledge bank and the right experts in our network that can help. So, just give us a visit or reach out now to plan for a golden future. Do not wait! Each second wasted on waiting out translates to wealth wasted.