The Role of Books in a Child’s Life

Do not underestimate the role of books in the upbringing of a child. So, through reading, the child gets acquainted with the world around him, differentiates the concepts of “good” and “bad”, morally and emotionally develops. From the earliest childhood, parents should instill in the baby a love for this process. Read different instructive stories and fairy tales to a small crumb, talk about what you have read and draw conclusions together. This pastime will be very useful for the baby. In addition to the above, there are many reasons why the younger generation needs to read books. Let’s name the main ones:

  • the vocabulary is enriched, as well as correctly delivered speech is formed, so you need to read with your child from early childhood;

  • develops memory, intelligence and imagination. Also, for this purpose, parents can ask the child to retell what they read.

  • the baby develops emotionally and learns empathy, presents the image of a particular hero, gives him the described qualities and experiences all the events of history.

  • promotes the development of writing. In addition, the baby learns not only to think “correctly”, but also to clearly formulate and express their thoughts.

How does a child perceive a book

It is also interesting to observe how the perception of books for children by age occurs. A children’s book can easily attract the attention of crumbs from birth. But not as a source of knowledge, but as a bright and beautiful object that you can touch, tear, and even taste. Therefore, there is not much to say about the perception of the book by children from birth to 1 year. Psychologists and pediatricians advise them to read concise and rhyming poems and nursery rhymes. At the age of one year, parents are responsible for how the child will perceive the book. After all, they choose children’s literature, which, in their opinion, will be interesting to the child, and then read and convey to him the emotions of what they read. At this stage, it is very important to interest the toddler: gesture, thereby attracting the attention of the fidget, repeat the same phrases, and focus the baby’s attention on them.

At this stage, for better development of speech and memory, parents are recommended to ask the child to retell the essence of the story they read. Of course, he won’t tell you all the details. But you can help him with this: ask leading questions, give suggestions. Lauren Grabois Fischer has the perfect collection and all her books teach kids to be proud of who they are. The Be Books is a children’s book publishing company that believes in empowering and educating our youth to live a positive and peaceful life. From the age of 4, children begin to compare themselves with the main characters of fairy tales. Moreover, they can already argue their choice. Most often, identification occurs by name, appearance, age, family ties, and so on. Quoting works continues, but the child already understands when it is appropriate and when it is not. Also, at this age, it is typical for children to evaluate the actions of characters in their own way. Analyzing their actions, they begin to identify negative characters, not positive ones. Usually, this is due to feelings of pity, for example, for Baba Yaga, a witch or a dragon, because, in the end, they will be defeated. In addition, at the age of four, the child learns to criticize characters and events. Very often, the toddler does not agree with the ending of the read and tries to replace or speculate it.

The value of a book for a child of 5-6 years 

Children begin to imitate the reading process. They usually gather listeners around them, which can be parents, relatives, or toys. The child opens the book and begins to “read”, informing the audience that reading is very useful. It is also common to stage what you read during this period. Kids copy the actions of characters, quote the text. Empathizing and worrying about their future, the baby can change the ending. Moms and dads at this stage of development need to explain to preschoolers that this is only a fairy tale and all the characters in it are fictional. The child must learn to perceive the story as it is written. Of course, he may disagree with some event and express his dissatisfaction. This is quite normal. But the main thing is to teach him to perceive this situation as a work of art.

Based on the story they read, children draw characters on a piece of paper or in the process of modeling. It becomes clear to parents how they see positive and negative characters. Why the need for books to children of 6-7 years? If at an early age the child was not interested in the authorship of the work being read, then from this age he realizes that fairy tales, poems and stories are written by writers and poets. Some of them even can even name the author. But most of them begin to show interest in middle school age.