The Best Hypoallergenic Baby Formulas

Breast milk has always been the best food for newborns. But what can you do when there’s not enough of it or even none at all? And what if your baby is allergy-prone? In these cases, hypoallergenic (HA) formulas come to the rescue. Not only are they filling and nutritious, but also prevent allergic reactions, normalize digestion and relieve colic.

HiPP HA formulas

Hypoallergenic food belongs to the latest generation of HiPP products and meets all the special nutritional needs of allergy-prone children. The unique formula contains almost all ingredients included in mother’s milk. The prebiotics also known as Galactooligosaccharides (GOS) strengthen the protective functions of the intestines. Probiotic cultures form a healthy microflora, and LCP essential fatty acids take care of the proper development of the baby’s brain and eyesight. This brand’s formulas are good not only for allergic infants but also for babies with sensitive GITs in general. They contain extensively hydrolyzed protein and don’t include casein. It’s worth mentioning that both HiPP HA Stage 1 and HiPP HA Stage 2 contain starch.

Holle goat milk formulas

Holle baby foods are EU-labeled organic products made from the highest quality ingredients. These are low-lactose formulas with approximately 50% of the carbs coming from lactose.

If you feel that your baby is having problems with a 100% lactose load, Holle might be the best choice. It should be noted, however, that they add maltodextrin to make the milks more nutritious.

Holle goat milk formula contains goat’s milk whey. Besides, it also has a very healthy composition of fatty acids and natural cholesterol (just like breast milk).


When making the final choice and before introducing these products into your baby’s diet, it’s worth consulting a doctor so that they can expertly select the most suitable product based on the individual needs of your little one.