How to spend your free time enjoyably

Everyone has free time, even the most busiest of businessmen still have a few minutes to kill while in a taxi or on an airplane. In fact, it’s important for your brain to take a break from hyper focusing on work and school. So, check out this post for a few ideas on how you can spend those extra seconds, minutes or hours giving your brain a rest, but at the same time enjoying yourself.

Checkout some fun online games.

First there was Snood, then there was Angry Birds, and now there is There are a wealth of free fun online games you can spend your extra minutes enjoying on your mobile or your computer.

Enjoy some exercise

If the thought of stepping into a gym makes you sweat even before going, then consider some other forms of exercise that might be more enjoyable for you. Head to the park with a co-worker and throw around a Frisbee, go for a bike ride or even walk the steps at your home or job to burn some extra calories for the day.

Learn a new language

There are a wealth of great online programs to learn a new language at your own pace and in your own time. Rosetta Stone is one program for the computer, which while not cheap, has great reviews. A free alternative is Duolingo which you can download on your phone.

Call a family member

People are busy these days and often forget to keep in contact with their loved ones and closest friends. Phone your grandmother, a cousin, an aunt or uncle. They will be pleased to hear from you and you’ll also kill sometime spending it with someone you care about.