Don’t be afraid to mix it up to save money on a holiday

If you want to end up here without going broke, you need to learn how to save money on a holiday ... photo by CC user Jawed Karim  on wikimedia

In terms of saving money there is a definite need to be a bit flexible. This could mean shopping around, or it could mean changing a detail you’re used to, such as where you shop. When you’re looking at finding a cheap holiday, then switching a few details around could be the key to keeping money in your pocket. A lot of the time, the price is the deal breaker for holidays, because if you can’t find one to suit your budget, then you’re basically not going away!

Holidays are important, and I don’t believe them to be a luxury. We need to get away and recharge our batteries every now and then, and families holidays are just as important, in order to create happy memories for years to come. This is why finding a holiday to suit your budget is important, and luckily there are a few ways to do just that.

Basically, the flight is the most expensive part of any holiday, unless you’re throwing caution to the wind and booking the most expensive hotel in the history of the world! Flexibility is key in finding a cheap flight, and patience also comes into the mix. If you’re booking your flight separately to the rest of your holiday, which I always do, you’ll find watching the price is the best way to grab the cheapest fare. Once it’s as low as you think it’s going to go, book it!

You can cut costs here and there by looking at how you get to the airport too, such saying ‘no’ to expensive public transport and instead booking airport parking and driving yourself. Not only does this idea save money, especially when you look at how much it costs to get a coach or train for a family of four, but it adds comfort and convenience to your journey, which in turn cuts out stress. You can find parking facilities at most airports in the UK, including more regionally too, with Leeds Bradford airport parking offered at equally fantastic rates – one I’ve used time and time again.

Where you fly from, the time of day you fly, the time of week you fly, and the add-ons to your travel are what will help lower the price. Try and pick a flight which leaves mid-week, rather than at the weekend, as this is typically when prices will be lower. You could also select a return flight which spans of every eight days, rather than seven, as this is often a way to cut costs too. These methods might sound unorthodox, but strangely enough, they do work!

If you want to save money on a holiday, you need to think outside of the box, and often that means being flexible enough to switch things up if need be. If you can do that, you’re well on your way to holiday heaven without the massive price tag.