Qualify for your pre-medical entrance test with the updated NEET cutoff

The minimal mark or percentage that a candidate must enter is known as the cut-off mark. Cut off marks will assist you in guessing your outcome if you took a competitive test and are waiting for your results. That implies you can estimate whether you are qualified for the next round. 

When you establish a cutoff score, you determine the degree of performance that an applicant must exhibit to be evaluated further. Setting a performance benchmark above a minimally appropriate standard is frequently the most effective way of selecting the most acceptable candidates.

Let’s have a look at the NEET cut off for Telangana.

Importance of Cut-off in NEET:

  • The NEET cut-off is the score that determines whether you will be admitted to a medical school. 
  • It shows the minimal qualifying percentile that applicants must achieve to be considered for admission. 
  • Various cut-off scores are permitted for the assignment of different institutions while looking at the cut off score for NEET, Telangana. 
  • Cut-off scores are essential in NEET because they will help you get into the college of your choice if you score over the cut-off. 
  • Cut-offs are altered annually based on various criteria, such as the number of individuals that apply, the difficulty level, and so on. 
  • It’s critical to obtain a clear understanding of the pattern and grades of the cut-off score since it helps students see how to prepare for the competition. 
  • It assists applicants in preparing for the college to which they hope to get admitted.

Factors affecting NEET cut-off in Telangana:

Candidates may consult the NEET 2019 and 2020 cut-off for government institutions in Telangana to clearly understand the NEET marks they should aspire for. Applicants are invited to identify institutions based on their results when reviewing the NEET 2019 and 2020 cutoff for Telangana state colleges.

The following are the factors to be taken into consideration when assessing NEET cutoff scores:

  • The total number of people who are taking the NEET test.
  • The total number of seats accessible at Telangana’s medical and dental institutes.
  • NEET cutoff scores from the prior year.
  • The NEET examination yielded the highest results.
  • The NEET question paper’s level of difficulty.

NEET cut off- category wise:

The NEET cut-off percentiles and grades differ depending on the category. Scheduled Caste and Other Minority Classes have lower cut-off scores and percentage distribution than the general class. The MBBS cut off the rank in Telangana differs from one medical or dentistry institution to the next. The chart below mentions the cut-off grades and percentiles for several divisions for the year 2019.

Potential NEET applicants may use the cut-off rank for MBBS in Telangana to help them get the required score for their preferred college. Candidates should also take as many practice examinations as they can. The NEET testing procedure on Vedantu will assist students in analysing the question structure and required time-management abilities for NEET. 


Candidate’s Category Cut-off Marks Cut-off Percentile
General Between 134 and 701 Percentile: 50
Physically Handicapped- General Category Between 120 and 133 Percentile: 45
Scheduled Tribe,  Scheduled Caste, and Other Backward Classes Between 107 and 133 Percentile: 40
Physically Handicapped- belonging to Scheduled Tribe,  Scheduled Caste, and Other Backward Classes Between 107 and 119 Percentile: 40


Cut-off pattern: 2020

The NEET cut-off percentile (minimum qualifying percentile of NEET 2021) compares a candidate’s performance to others. It gives an idea of the NEET marks earned. This means that the NEET cut-off for the year 2021, the percentile, is calculated using the highest marks in the NEET UG merit list prepared by the NTA for MBBS/BDS admissions. 

As previously stated, to qualify for the NEET exam, candidates must achieve the pass percentile and NEET 2021 cut-off marks set by the NTA. NEET cutoff scores for the General category were 720-147 last year, corresponding to the 50th percentile. The NEET cut-off score for SC/ST/OBC candidates is in the range of 146-113, corresponding to the 40th percentile. 

Cutoff for NEET 2021: Tie-Breaking Procedure

If two or more candidates have the same rank, the tie-breaking criteria will be used to break the NEET cut-off qualifying scores. According to the most recent NEET 2021 update, the previous method of breaking ties based on age will no longer be used this year.

  1. Higher Biology scores/percentiles: Aspirants with higher Biology scores/percentiles will be prioritised and surpass others’ cut-off for the NEET merit list.
  2. Higher marks in Chemistry: If a tie still exists, the candidate’s higher percentile in Chemistry will be considered.
  3. Number of incorrect answers: If the tie remains, students with fewer incorrect and correct attempted answers will be given a higher ranking.

Result of NEET 2021

  • At neet.nta.nic.in, the National Testing Agency will publish the NEET 2021 result in the form of a scorecard. Candidates can access the NEET 2021 result on the official website as they did in the past years. 
  • Aspirants must enter their NEET roll number, DOB, and security pin to access the NEET 2021 result. 
  • The name, DOB, total and subject-wise marks obtained, application number and NEET All India Rank are listed on the NEET 2021 result-cum-scorecard (AIR). In addition, the result will show the NEET cutoff for 2021 as well as the qualifying status.

The exam conducting authority will compile a NEET merit list 2021 based on AIR, including the names of candidates who passed the exam in order of rank. On behalf of the Medical Counselling Committee (MCC), the merit list will be forwarded to the Directorate General of Health Services (DGHS) for NEET 2021 counselling for 15% AIQ, seats in deemed/central universities, AFMS, central pool seats, and ESIC. 

At the same time, the rest, 85% of state quota seats in government colleges, will be distributed by state counselling authorities based on NEET 2021 exam scores and rank. 

Summing Up

Now that you know all about NEET 2021, keep studying to get good knowledge and boost your career in the best way possible. Soar high with knowledge and make things work for yourself.