Your Previous Work Related Injury Should Not Prevent You from Getting Other Jobs

Anything can happen in your workplace. If you have become a victim of an accident, you can ask for compensation from your employer. Of course, this will not be taken lightly. You will be lucky if you aren’t involved in a tough legal battle. In most cases, the employer will deny that they were at fault. You might even be countersued for damaging their brand.

At this point, you just have to hope that you win the case since you are most likely not getting your job back. This could be a long process and the results might not always be favourable.

It helps if you have legal experts by your side to get you through this difficult journey. For instance, if you are filing a work injury claim Gloucester lawyers who have worked on similar cases in the past or at least have experience defending a client from Gloucester will be able to help you. This makes it easier for you to keep fighting.

Seek another job while waiting

You might receive a lot of money as a settlement if you succeed in this fight. However, this could take a really long time. In the meantime, you have to find another job. You need a source of livelihood since you have just lost one. You can find lawyers who will not ask for upfront fees, but to sustain your daily expenses, you need a new job.

Be ready for rejection

Just like your legal battle, looking for a new job could be tough. Given your physical injury and defects, it might be really difficult for you to be hired. Just remember that you cannot be rejected on the basis of your physical disability or injury. The law in the UK prohibits prospective employers from asking you about your injury if you are uncomfortable telling your story. You might be asked though if you can carry out the functions required of the job you are applying for.

The employer is also not prohibited from doing background checks. Again, regardless of what they have found out, you should not be shut out of the selection just because of your injury. Be hopeful that you will find a job since you still have to go through a lot in your legal battle.

Be optimistic

It is tough going against your former employer. You might even be up against a huge company that has tons of legal experts on their side. They might even sue you for a bigger amount, in the hope you will just drop the case. Regardless, you need to keep fighting. As long as you have an experienced lawyer, like those at, there is no reason for giving up. You didn’t do anything wrong.