How to Beat an Aggravated Assault Charge in Arizona?

When it comes to assault and its charges, they differ according to each state. An aggravated assault is when a person causes serious harm or disfigurement to another person with the intention to cause harm. If a person is physically restrained or entering another person’s private property to cause harm also falls under aggravated assault.

Legal Defenses for Assault Charges

Having been detained for assault, narrating your side of the story won’t help. Rather explain to your attorney the events that led to your arrest.

Here are a few defense methods that qualified assault defense lawyers can expect to utilize to fight your case:

Self-Defense: You may claim that you were afraid of your accuser and acted as part of self-defense. There is no accountability if you provide this argument because the act of assault was a reasonable reaction to threats, provocations, or bullying.

Lack of Evidence: Within the framework of this legal strategy, your legal counsel will look for differences between your version of the story, the alleged narration of the victim, and the proof. If there are allegations but no evidence to confirm the narrative, the case might just get dismissed.

Claims Unfounded: You might also defend your viewpoint by arguing that the victim is not a credible source and has a long history of faulty comments in the past. Moreover, you can be a victim of mistaken identity if you’re not the one who performed the aggravated assault.

No Attempt toHarm: One of the key factors for a worse conviction in an assault is evidence of intent to harm. You may not have to suffer the consequences of condemnation if you can show the prosecutor that the injury was simply due to an accident or unintended action.

Rights Violation: The alleged offender may have his case dismissed if the police who arrested him have demonstrated a breach of his constitutional rights or if any action by the other party from the time of arrest has resulted in a breach of the rights of the defendant.

As before, legal options are available for anyone accused of or faced with claims of a serious attack. In such circumstances, criminal defense attorneys are used to acquiring the information and proof needed and looking at all aspects of the story before presenting it to the prosecution and court.

Hiring a Criminal Defense Attorney

Hiring an aggravated assault attorney who has expertise in aggravated assault cases is mandatory to explore your charges, potential punishments for conviction, and defense alternatives when you face aggravated crime attack accusations. If retained, a professional criminal prosecutor will investigate the facts, try to gather the incriminating evidence that can be utilized for you, preserve your rights, and find the best possible solution to your case. The prison sentences are extensive for felony attacks. The court, therefore, has discretion regarding the scope of your sentence. Therefore, if the accusations cannot be dropped, the next move for your criminal defense attorney will try to lessen the penalty.

You will have to make several key decisions when you face your charges. You must determine whether to accept any plea agreements that can be offered and how you will defend yourself in court. If you decide to combat your accusation, you must also collect evidence and present arguments to the court to escape conviction. You can have the proper lawyer on your side during this process.