Personal Trainer Walter Keating Jr. Discusses Healthy Aerobics for a Happy Heart

Heart disease ranks as one of the top three causes of death next to cancer and diabetes. However, heart disease is preventable through regular aerobic exercise. Like every muscle in the body, the heart gets the best benefit when it is exercised through an increased heart rate. A healthy heart beats less at rest and allows the heart to rest between pumping actions. In this article, fitness coach and triathlon trainer Walter Keating Jr. talks about aerobic exercises that make your heart healthier.

You Don’t Need to Run a Marathon 

Walking, sprinting, running, or a stint on a stationary bike or treadmill increases pumping action. Good exercise does not require a lengthy sweat routine for the heart to benefit. Many practices can raise the heart rate without running a marathon. For example, gardening, mowing the lawn, house cleaning, or any activity that keeps you on your feet and keeps you active helps improve your heart.  

If the exercise gets the blood circulating so oxygen can reach the body’s extremities, it is healthy. In addition, playing games like hockey, tennis, basketball, and other active sports are great ways to stay in shape. 

Build Your Stamina and Strenght

If you’re obese, contact sports of any kind is out of the question. Instead, you need the type of exercise that builds stamina and strength. Rather than weight training, aerobics can be your first step to a healthier life. 

However, before you consider any kind of exercise, you should see your doctor get an assessment of your current state of health. Next to the doctor’s judgment, a dietitian can help create healthy meal plans to substitute for the highly processed diet you’ve become used to. Once you’ve seen both, you can begin by taking short walks to burn off excess fat.   

Walk or Swim Regularly to Get Started 

Walking ranks as number one in cardiovascular exercise. It’s a cheap exercise that anyone can do no matter what state of health they’re in. It only requires a good pair of shoes and the incentive to take regular walks.  

Next to walking comes swimming. A popular sport, it can be beneficial for the overweight and the elderly. You can find groups that meet regularly at a local area pool for exercise in a big city. 

While seniors can’t expect to engage in contact sports, several activities are available to stay in shape. Playing golf, yoga, or tai chi are favored exercises quickly done on the links or in a park setting.

Find Enjoyable Activities During Winder Months

Ice, snow, and cold may not allow much walking or cycling, but there are options besides pool aerobics. Bowling and curling are often pastimes loved by children and the elderly alike. 

You get in an excellent aerobic workout in your working years simply by parking the farthest from your office and walking the distance. Taking the stairs instead of the elevator will increase your heart rate. Minor breaks are beneficial and an idea for running the spot or jumping on a rebounder in your office or the company gym.  

Once you’ve become accustomed to regular exercise, you can combine aerobics with weight lifting for better endurance, performance, and a happier heart. 

About Walter Keating Jr.

Walter Keating Jr. is a Toronto-based fitness coach specializing in triathlon coaching and corrective exercise training. He graduated from the Fitness and Lifestyle Management Program at George Brown College and immediately started his professional career. Mr. Keating has worked as an endurance coach, personal trainer, spinning instructor, and corrective exercise trainer.