Paul M Willette MD – Why We Are Showing Gratitude For Healthcare Workers

Healthcare workers around the world have been getting huge amounts of praise and respect in recent months because of their efforts towards this global pandemic but it is essential that we never forget this. We live in a world where everything is temporary but we have to ensure that our gratitude when it comes to healthcare workers is not. Doctors like the brilliant Paul M Willette MD, as well as nurses, paramedics, cleaners and porters have all been in a battle over the last 6 months and this is exactly why we are showing gratitude and why we have to continue doings so. 

Clear Risks

To those who say that this is the job, not one doctor goes into their career thinking that something like this could happen and let’s be honest, they do not have to go in there each and every day if they don’t want to. Theses medical professionals are sowing incredible bravery despite the very clear risks which they face. We know that the reason why healthcare workers are more at risk is because they face wider exposure to the virus, which has shown to impact patients harder. Despite this risk, they keep on going back in to help save lives. 

Personal Sacrifice 

Many of these healthcare workers have had to separate themselves from their family during this time because of the fact that they will be putting them at risk. This means that not only are these individuals risking their lives and working very hard for us, they are also doing so at great personal expense with regards to not seeing their family for long periods of time. 

Working Conditions 

The working conditions which these people are facing is very challenging indeed. Many hospitals have a lack of personal protective equipment, an outrage in reality but the hard truth for so many medical workers who consistently get back to work and help save lives. There are also longer hours to work than ever before because of course there are some healthcare workers who have had to take time off after contracting the virus. Our doctors and nurses are exhausted, they are facing enormous emotional and physical pressure and yet they still go back in the next day to help save our lives. 


There are of course some places where doctors are paid very well indeed but around the world they are not on high salaries, so it is clear that they are not in this for the money. Doctors are doing this because they understand that it is their civic duty, and it is what they committed their career towards. This is why these men and women are the bravest and hardest working in society and we all have to show our continued gratitude for what they are doing and we also must ensure that they get every bit of support and help that they need. 

Without these men and women, we would all be in a very dark place.