Office Designs to Increase Productivity in Employees

According to a recent study, forty percent of workers reported they were more productive at home and would rather work remotely.

With technology advancement creating tools that make work easier, businesses are asking their employees to increase productivity rates. In response, employees are no longer settling for the traditional “clock in and out” work environment.

And why should they? Mediocre office spaces that are dreary and unmotivating are sometimes not worth the work asked of them.

By revamping your office space, your employees will be inspired to not only increase the rate that they work but also continue working for a company they feel cares about their needs to succeed.

Need an office re-boot?

Here are some tips on how to design a motivational workspace.

It’s All About Decor

The mood you set for your office space is the mood that the employees have towards their work. If the office is plain with intrusive fluorescent lighting, chances are your workers will be too distracted to produce quality performance.

Take the time to spruce up the place. Install your branding in tasteful ways throughout the workspace. This boosts morale and gives the employees a sense of belonging.

Colors and foliage can directly affect a person’s mood. This is true for green and blue hues because they are lighter, less overwhelming than solid reds and purples, and give off the essence of nature.

Create an Ergonomic Workspace

Employees improve productivity when the office is comfortable and risk-free. Choosing to buy ergonomic office supplies may seem like a high expense, but if the employees are less distracted with how their backs feel in the chairs, the payoff can be seen in what they produce.

Invest in chairs that support the spine during long periods of sitting and keyboards that can adjust to compliment a person’s wrist.

Going ergonomic does not need to break the bank. An example of this is the brand Porvata, which designed a large office desk that is ergonomic friendly at a great price for buying in bulk.

Increase Productivity with Office Functionality

Breaking up the office spaces is a great way to define work-life balance without having your employees leave the actual building. For example, taking the break area and moving it farther away from the work area allows the employees to move around, recharge their brain, and de-stress all while on their lunch break.

You can also choose the area with the most natural light to place the desks/ work areas. Natural light is proven to boost productivity and can make spaces seem larger.

If everything has a place and order, employees can break up their time effectively and forget that they’re even working!

Happy Employees Today Equals a Better Tomorrow

Whether it’s a simple redecoration or a move to a friendlier building, investing in your business has a direct impact on how you increase productivity.

Don’t be a part of the statistic of companies losing their employees. Choose to value your employees so that you have a better future tomorrow and for years to come.

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