3 Worst and Costly Consequences of DUI’s in Phoenix AZ

Consequences of DUI’s

DUI is a serious and costly offense that can land you in jail, and the case can also go on for a very long time. This means that a lot of money will have to be spent on legal procedures. If you are being held for DUI, you need a legal attorney to present you in court. You must always trust your lawyer and share all the basic incident details to ensure you are presented in the best capacity. 

Degrees of DUI

There are some degrees of DUI, and the charges and consequences are also according to them. If you are being tried for a DUI case, you should know that it will forever stay on record. 

1. Extreme and Super Extreme DUI Charges 

If the person’s blood alcohol concentration or BAC comes out to be between 0.15 and 0.19 percent, it is considered extreme DUI charges. Extreme DUI charges are harsh and have fines, jail time, and many fees associated with the crime. For a DUI case, the consequences and the fines increase with each instance of the DUI. 

For super extreme DUI charges, the BAC is recorded to be more than 0.20 percent. In Arizona, the allowed limit is 0.08%. Super Extreme DUI is an extreme case, and so the charges and the penalties are also very strict. These penalties differ according to each state in the United States. 

2. Penalties of Extreme DUI

The first extreme DUI in Arizona can lead up to $2500, including jail costs and other fees. In addition to the monetary costs, the offender also has to spend 90 days jail time. The offender is also not allowed to retain the driver’s license for 90 days. 

With the second extreme DUI, $3250 will be paid in monetary costs, excluding the jail costs and other charges. In addition, a mandatory 120 days are to be spent in the prison, and the driving privileges are suspended for a complete 1 year. 

3. Penalties of Super Extreme DUI

For the first instance of the Super Extreme DUI, $3250 is charged, excluding the jail and other associated costs. In addition, 6 months of jail time is also to be served with the suspension of driving privileges for a year. 

The second super extreme DUI carries a fine of $3750 along with other costs. The offender face 6 months of jail time with the suspension of driving privileges for a year. 

Car Insurance Charges 

If you were involved in a DUI and the process also damaged your car, you will also be dealing with car insurance. If you have collided with another car in the process, you will also be paying for those damages. DUI attorney in Phoenix AZ can help you fight your legal battles and will also guide you in the best possible way.

Having the right attorney by your side will ensure that you have the best chances of winning the case. In addition, there are harsh laws that are involved in DUI cases to discourage any such practices.