North American Travel Destinations You Can Only Get to by Boat

Some of the world’s most breathtaking locations are only accessible to people with boats. They are the remote isles that are unlike anything on the mainland. Often people immediately envision locales in the South Pacific, Australia and Europe, but there are just as many exceptional spots across North America.

The four travel destinations below provide something unique for boaters that are looking for adventure and relaxation.

A Few Things to Address Before Planning a Boat Trip

Before you can consider taking a vacation using your motor boats for sale that you purchased, you have to make sure it’s ready for the trip:

Safety Measures

Every safety precaution should be taken out on the water. You’ll want to make sure your boat is fully equipped with:

  • ·  GPS system
  • ·  Operable radio
  • ·  Life jackets
  • ·  Life raft
  • ·  Flare gun
  • ·  First aid kit

The Flooring

One of the most overlooked spots on a boat is the flooring. However, it can be one of the features that affect comfort and maintenance the most. If your floors are worn or showing other signs of wear and tear, it’s a good time to replace them.

Materials made for marine flooring will make the trip more enjoyable because they are easier to clean. One of the best options on the market is luxury woven vinyl. It’s extremely durable but just as attractive.

The Sails

If your vessel is a sailboat the integrity of the sails is a top priority. Many sail issues are preventable, particularly if you catch them early.

Structural and Mechanical Damage

If anything is not 100% structurally and/or mechanically sound it should be addressed before you head out. Depending on where you travel it can be difficult to make repairs once you’re already underway. That’s why you’ll want to have essential tools on board just in case you experience problems en route.

Boat-In Camping at Santa Catalina Island

The only way to get to Santa Catalina Island off the coast of Southern California is by boat. Once you get to the island there are 17 boat-in campsites that are only accessible via boat or kayak. If you are looking for seclusion and spectacular views of the Pacific this is how you want to rough it.

The nine boat-in camping areas are all on the leeside of the island. They are all primitive, which means the necessities are up to you. There’s also a strict no campfire rule so you’ll need to have a BBQ or stove for cooking. If you don’t have camping equipment on your boat you can get rental equipment from the Two Harbors Visitor Center. At just $20 per adult per night it’s an amazing way to save money on vacation.

Hidden Beach Mexico

Off the coast of Puerto Vallarata there is a string of volcanic islands within Banderas Bay. Hidden Beach, also known as Playa Del Amore, is the most popular place on the islands. It’s a natural wonder in the way it’s carved out of the island’s surface. It’s as if a portion collapsed just inland and the result is a circular beach that can only be seen from the air.

It will take about two hours to reach the island from the mainland. You then have to anchor just offshore and kayak through a channel to get to the secluded beach. Hidden Beach is definitely a must-see for anyone that’s traveling along Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Forbes Island

If you are cruising around the San Francisco Bay, Forbes Island is a great place to stop and spend a few hours. It’s a man-made island that has a lighthouse, sandy beaches and a fine dining restaurant. The views of downtown, the Golden Gate Bridge and Alcatraz are absolutely stunning. The photo ops alone are worth pulling up to a dock and planting your feet on land. You’ll also get to see the world’s largest outboard motor, which is used to power the island.

Guana Island

Guana is one of the few privately owned islands in the Caribbean. It’s part of the British Virgin Islands and known for giving visitors a taste of what the islands were like more than a hundred years ago. If you’re among the lucky few that get to come ashore Guana Island you’ll get to explore 850 acres of lush tropical land, including seven pristine beaches.

Staying on the island is so exclusive that there is typically 30 acres for every person at any given time. You can enjoy the peace and quiet of being away from it all, or you can make use of the private facilities. Activities include tennis, croquet, snorkeling, yoga and day trips to neighboring islands.