How to Get Prepared For Your Upcoming Florida Trip

If you are joining the millions of tourists who are heading to Florida this year then you are in for a wonderful vacation. Regardless of whether you are going with the family to enjoy all of the theme parks and exciting locations, with friends to live it up in Miami or alone to explore the sunshine state, you are sure to have an amazing experience in Florida.

To make the most out of your trip however, it is important that you are fully prepared, more often than not a vacation in Florida will see you packing your schedule and you need to get organized before you leave.


Florida is absolutely packed with places to explore, beautiful locations and plenty of places where you can enjoy yourself. Your trip to Florida will not be like your average vacation where you will arrive, relax and go with the flow. Because of the sheer amount of awesome places there are to see in Florida, you will need to spend quite a bit of time before hand in planning your itinerary. This is not to say that you need to have tight plans for each hour of your vacation but if you want to see the best of Florida then having a plan will be the best way to do it.


When planning your itinerary, you will need to earmark what days you will see the main attractions. Regardless of whether this is a hover boat ride over the Everglades, a basketball game at the Amway arena or a trip to the theme parks, it will be best to book your tickets early. Especially when it comes to the theme parks, you need to get in quick as the most popular theme parks can fill up quick, if you get your Disney tickets in advance for example then you will not only guarantee a ticket but probably be able to get it at a better price.


Don’t forget that you will have to pay for your ESTA in order to enter the United States, this is a flat fee that you will need to pay for your tourist visa and you can do this with ease online. If you have booked your vacation through a tour operator then they may have already factored this in to your price but it is worth checking it out before you leave. The ESTA lasts for 2 years once you have paid it so if you have been to the States recently then you should be ok.

Your Case

Aside from the usual things to pack for a sunshine vacation, I’d recommend that you take some very strong walking shoes. A vacation in Florida will involve a lot of walking around and as someone who has tried to do so in flip-flops, and ended up with blisters, I would advise that you take some strong shoes which are comfortable to walk in.

Florida makes for a great vacation and as long as you are well planned and prepared then you will have a memorable vacation.