A Mercedes-AMG Meets the Autobahn!

Helge Thomson and Mathias Melmedia arrive at the AMG headquarters and are excited upon seeing their ride for the day; the Mercedes AMG E 63 S Limousine. Today, Mathias will be taking Yannick Granieri, a champion freeride mountain biker, for the ride of his life.

The AMG E 63 S can go from 0 to 100 in 3.4 seconds with a top speed of 300 km/h. Upon entering the HQ, they are shown the anniversary model and told that a phrase used is ‘one man, one engine’ because each engine is made by only one person from start to finish. Pretty impressive.

Helge stays back at HQ to work on some engines with an engineer while Mathias takes the car out to drive Yannick. He emphasizes very early on that the car can only run on very efficient tires. Not too long after, Mathias informs Yannick that they have passed the final speed limit sign and now he’ll show him the “German speed”. Pedal to the metal and within seconds Mathias is already at 160km/h. The back of Yannick’s head is now stuck to the passenger seat and he’s very impressed with the acceleration of the AMG E 63 S Limousine. After the drive, they return to AMG headquarters where Helge is waiting for them, having spent some time learning about how the engines are made from scratch.

The next scene shows the three of them back in the car and when they ask Yannick where he would like to go and he replies “to the bike park”. While on their way, Yannick talks about his passion for freeriding. He says he loves freeriding because you have the freedom to go anywhere, whether it’s down the road or riding at high speeds through the forest.


When they arrive at Yannick’s playground aka the bike park, he invites the guys for a lap. They agree, and follow Yannick down the trails as he carves the curves and hits the dirt jumps while swerving between trees. Yannick finishes up with a coffee in hand as he waits for Helge and Mathias to arrive at the end of the track. When they show up, he teases them for finishing last.

Helge offers a wager to Yannick: if him and Mathias can beat Yannick on the toboggan track then the loser has to ride home on a children’s bike. At the end of the race Yannick is sure he’s won. First place ends up going to Helge, Yannick gets second and Mathias finishes last. Yannick says that he doesn’t like finishing second and offers to ride his bike down the trail and bet them once and for all. They agree. Mathias ends up losing the bet yet again and ends up pedaling home on the kids bike back home on the kids bike with Helge and Yannick in tow.