Marketing 101: Effective Places to Put Your Advertisements


Advertising is not only about making your business known. Going far beyond its general purpose, it is also essential to consider where to put the promotional materials containing the useful marketing package of the business. Places with a high concentration of potential customers should be the priority when it comes to positioning printed advertising materials. Locating the areas where there is a regular movement of a vast number of people to promote your business to can be based on your experience or through some experimentation by going to a different place to test for yourself how promotional materials might be useful when placed in specific locations. You may also see how efficient this strategy is if there is an upsurge in the number of customers to your business.

Waiting areas. One of the places that people usually stay for a long time is the waiting area. These areas are found outside schools, hospitals, parking areas, or hotel lobbies. The average waiting time is enough to read the advertisements hanging or posted in the waiting area. The chance of getting customers in this area is high since they have time to think if they need such products or services and save the contact number for future purposes. Just make sure that you provide the most engaging promotional message.

Transport stations. Another place that is sure to have a high concentration of people is a transport station, bus stops, train and taxi stations, etc. Such places are no longer new for businesses to place their advertisements. Since considerable time is allotted when travelling through public transportation, passengers tend to view all printed material throughout their journey.

Malls. Although there are requirements and fees to comply with, advertising in malls is still considered one of the best places to put or distribute promotional materials. In case you find the charges imposed to be expensive, you can check the mall schedule to see when they will be offering a business bazaar, where all business entities are invited. When this happens, bring all the necessary materials to promote your business.

Buildings. Buildings are also a useful place to put up your advertisements. When people are stuck in the traffic, they explore the views of large format printed promotional materials hung or placed on tall buildings. The general consideration in choosing this space is that you need a material that is big and catchy. If this specific feature is not met, then your advertisement will be useless, and your printed material will lose its impact when viewed from the street.

Business location. The most affordable and practical place to put up your advertisement is in your business location. The people who see your billboard or banner can immediately proceed to your establishment if they want to buy the product or service you offer. Also, you can change the promotional materials anytime you want since they are only placed in the local vicinity.

How to set up the materials for advertising may be learned from printing shops or through online sites.