Why I Love the Game Colour Switch

Since the rise of the Smartphone you are now able to essential control your life from your pocket, you can manage your bank account, search for things on the internet, find directions, take photos, create projects or video call your international friends and you can do it all on the move. More importantly however is that your smartphone or tablet has become a gaming device that allows you to play games whenever you want, wherever you are. The range of games available is enormous and the best games that have been created for these devices are the ones that you simply can’t leave alone, the games that force you to steal minutes of your day just to play on. Recently I downloaded my favourite game yet, it’s called Colour Switch and when you download it I would advise you to carry your charger wherever you go as your battery will no doubt suffer from the hours of endless fun that you spend playing the game.



The premise of the game is simple, your are playing as a small circle of colour, each time you tap the screen your circle will jump up, it is your jump to keep jumping as high as you can. As you jump you must navigate your way through a series of multicoloured shapes that move, you can only move through the part of the shape that is the same colour as your circle. After you have moved through each shape you will gain a point, in between shapes you will hit a colour changer and once you’ve changed colour you must navigate through the next shape through the part that matches your colour. If you attempt to jump through, let’s say a square, and your little blob is yellow, then you can only jump through the yellow part of the square. If you jump through the wrong colour then it’s game over and you must start again. The aim is to get the highest score possible and you will spend hours trying to beat your old score, if you’re interested then you can play the game here.


I can’t begin to tell you how much time I’ve spent in the last few weeks trying to beat my scores, each time that I think I’m not going to be able to beat it I manage to surpass it, but then I want to beat that score and on I go. I’ve told so many friends about Colour Switch and now we are all trying to beat each other’s scores and sharing it on social media. I love Colour Switch so much, my bus journeys to work fly by with Colour Switch and the same goes for the other Poki games that I’ve found. They are simple, fun, easy to play and far too easy for my to wile away my hours with my phone in my hand, not texting, not on social media, just hooked on these brilliant little games.