What If Your IOR Could Also Retrieve Your Import Taxes?

Whenever a reseller is shipping controlled commodities across borders, they must also pay import taxes which can make up as much as 90% of the total cost of transfer. One specific type of tax, the value-added tax (VAT), can extend up to 25% of the goods’ total value. These are hefty sums to be paying out of pocket, and while many businesses write this off as a price to pay for doing business, it doesn’t need to be so. Did you know that if you retain ownership the equipment, you can retrieve many of these taxes back when partnering with a global distributions expert?

TecEx is one global importer of record (IOR) that can procure tax recovery from 40 of the 136 countries they regularly do business in. If you store equipment within a data centre located in one of these places, or regularly lease expensive technologies to companies working in one of these countries – they are the service for you. They will retrieve 100% of your import taxes including VAT, sales tax, and co-locations costs within six months of a shipment’s clearance so you can put those funds back into your business. For their services, they also only charge resellers the landed-cost quote meaning there are no hidden fees to contend with once the importing process begins – saving clients even more. Even if a country’s regulations change the IOR takes this cost on, not the client.


So far, the company has made cross-border transaction simpler for over 8000 clients. Apart from saving them money, they also saved them time – applying for all necessary permits and certifications required for successful clearance on the clients’ behalf. They also prepare a commercial invoice and freight delivery waybill to accompany the shipment. Because this importer is well-versed in the rules and laws of 136 countries, resellers no longer have to deal with the pains of preparing important paperwork without possessing adequate knowledge. Furthermore, clearance is guaranteed within 10 days of their quote’s approval allowing them to focus their energies elsewhere without stressing about the outcome.

They make the distribution process simpler by being your IOR for as many transactions as your clients require even if they need shipping to multiple countries. Once a package clears, this importer of record will even take a hands-on approach, employing an on-the-ground team that liaises with your chosen forwarder or freight service to see your goods arrive at the proper destination.

The importing and exporting of dual-use goods has become notoriously complex, however there are companies out there who specialize and guarantee clearance no matter how large or small the shipment, no matter how challenging a country’s regulations are. Not only do these distributions entities offer prompt clearance with excellent lead times but they additionally offer import tax recovery, which up until this point was virtually unheard of. If you’re a reseller looking for solutions to this complicated process, choose a dedicated importer to see your shipments through.