4 Interior Styles to Try

There are many Interior Styles that are well suited to condos ... photo by CC user christopher_barson on Flickr

Last year was certainly fascinating when it came to attractive home design trends, but as 2016 gets underway, we can look forward to a new set of interior moods and styles for the next 12 months. If you are adamant about changing the style of your house or moving into a new one, the good news is that you can choose from a variety of merged styles. Buying homes that readily accommodate your design dreams could save you time and money, so always hunt around before committing to a purchase. Buy the best condominium for sale at Zipmatch that doesn’t need major renovations, so you can start decorating your interiors the way you want it.

Whether you are looking into improving your home value or just need a visual change, here are some interior styles that would make your living space aesthetically-pleasing and updated for the coming year:

Color accents

Color is a fundamental design item and playing with accents will definitely bring a fresh change to a familiar room. The new interior style for the year includes a great deal of color, but more focused on sophisticated and moody tones that don’t saturate a room. This is best summed up with the phrase’ less is more’. Remember that lightly painted walls accentuate space rather than dominate it. With accents, you don’t lose the color. Rather, these keep the room bright and alive without being boring.  For homes in the Philippines, popular combinations include white with red and gold accents, cream with bl ack and white accents, and grey with silver and blue accents. These all go well with the environment and the evergreen climate of the country.

Simplicity over minimalism

This is an entirely new twist on an old theme. Many say minimalism is best, but simplicity is a different concept for 2016. Its overall ambiance is still soothing and rather restrained, but unlike the minimalist approach, there is still a lot going on in the space by using shapes and textures. This is linked to the color theme above, as lightly painted walls are part of the simplistic aura that you can create.

New mixed with old

If you want your living space to be timeless, then don’t fill it up with ultra modern pieces. You should also avoid going for the antiquated vibe. A mix and match blend will deliver a classy feel. Ask the help of an interior designer if you are unsure on how to do this, since professional expertise would go a long way with this type of situation.

Textured elegance

This is another version of the mix and match theme that would be trending throughout 2016. The bottom line here is to blend the minimal approach with a touch of Bohemian extravagance. The boho approach is rather seen as chaotic, but if you fused Boho-inspired furniture and minimalist themes, then the elegance will naturally come out of the space.