How to find detailed information about a person with Kiwi Searches 

Finding information about someone is very important in certain situations. Suppose you want to find information about someone who comes to you, offers him a new life. However, finding information about someone is not as easy as we imagine. It’s not as easy as browsing his social media accounts. After all, social media is the most likely information door today. But it is of course not suitable if you want to seek in-depth information. You may need to know about his criminal record (if any), contact information, and so on. For that you will need Kiwi Searches, a search tool for specific information on people, phone numbers, and addresses. In short it is a public record directory.

Instructions for finding a person on the Internet

With Kiwi Searches, you can find complete information about a person, including their social media accounts, their address, their telephone number, their criminal record (if any), and so on. It’s easy enough, you just need to go to the official Kiwi Searches website. There you will see a search bar in the middle. The appearance is as follows:






Type the name of your target (first and last name), enter the phone number, the state where you think he is, and click the search icon.

When may you need to search for data about a person on the Internet?

As noted above, there are some situations where you need a public record directory such as Kiwi Searches. Among them is examining someone who might marry you. Another is checking someone who is asking you to do business cooperation, or, perhaps more extreme, checking whether the new environment in which you live is free of criminals. You don’t want a pedophile living in your neighborhood. Before spending a lot of money to buy housing in a location, knowing the background of the residents is very important.

What information about a person does the service contain?

Kiwi Searches provides much more complete information than if you searched it yourself through regular search engines such as Google and Yahoo. Here are the types of information you can get through Kiwi Searches:

– Cell phone numbers

– Addresses

– Financial records

– Relatives

– Traffic records

– Professional licenses

– Landline numbers

– Property details

– Age

– Background checks

– Criminal records

– Maiden names

As you can see, Kiwi Searches provides a lot of information about people. Some of the information seems too detailed but in fact, they are very important. For example traffic records. You don’t want to hire someone with bad traffic records as your personal driver. Of course, you cannot get such information on the person’s social media account. Or about criminal records, you can’t hire a woman with a child abuse case record as a babysitter for your baby.

With Kiwi Searches you can minimize the risks associated with your relationships with other people. Of course, this directory cannot eliminate all risks, but at the very least, it can significantly minimize the risk.