Everything You Need To Know About Slip And Fall Claims

Were you aware that ​​slips and falls are the second biggest cause of unintentional injuries? That’s right. The worst part is when external factors cause them. Fortunately, you can get advice on how to claim damages for a slip or fall before actually making a claim.

It is, however, essential to understand how, when, and why you are entitled to make a claim. Here is everything you need to know about slip and fall cases. 

What Are Common Slip And Fall Claims?

An injury occurs when someone gets hurt after slipping, falling, or tripping on another person’s property. To file a claim, your situation must be similar to the ones mentioned below. 

  • Slipping and sliding on food or other objects in a grocery shop or mall.
  • Slipping on faulty or poorly maintained, oily, moist, or polished surfaces.
  • Falling because of a damp surface, and there are no warning indications.
  • Tumbling down the steps as a result of improper or no lighting.
  • Tripping over risky materials or gear.
  • Slipping on a loose mat or rug.
  • Falling from stairs owing to damaged or uneven steps or a lack of railings.
  • Falling over as a result of inconsistent floor levels.
  • Stumbling over wires on the floor.

Who Is Eligible To File A Case?

The initial step in your slip and fall lawsuit is to file a complaint. But are you eligible to do so? Here are two significant points you must consider:

  1. You can make a slip and fall complaint if you demonstrate that either you or a loved one was injured.
  2. The harm must result from a hazardous situation on someone else’s premises. 

Accident injuries may be both unpleasant and costly for the sufferer. Hence you are entitled to consult a lawyer who is experienced with these cases to decide whether you have an issue or not.

Who Is Held Accountable?

In most circumstances, your accident may be caused by someone else’s negligence. In such situations, the owner of the premise is held accountable. 

What Can You Claim In This Case? 

A slip and fall lawsuit is a kind of premises liability case. In this situation, it is necessary to prove negligence, build a factual matter, negotiate a settlement, and sometimes fight in court. 

In terms of outcome, an injury in such a scenario can affect your life. So it is essential to understand certain aspects of it. What you can claim in a slip and fall case is as follows:

  • Medical Payments
  • Care-Taker Expenses 
  • Your unpaid salary or wage
  • When the damage was done to your property or belongings.

While there are other assets to claim, these are some major ones. Non-economic losses, such as hurt and loss of pleasure in life, might also be awarded to a claimant.

How Is Legal Advice Beneficial? 

Imagine suffering from economic, social, and other losses while dealing with injuries that weren’t your fault. In this case, a lawyer can assist you in assembling documentation for your fight. 

In many slip-and-fall situations, the accused’s insurance provider might try to establish that you contributed to the fall somehow. They do this by showing that you ignored warnings or entered a risky area. That is where your legal advice comes in to help you respond effectively. 

One in every five falls results in a significant injury, such as shattered bones or brain damage. So getting help from a skilled law firm is crucial.


Small or big, an injury caused by slipping due to someone else’s negligence is physically and mentally traumatic. Discussing the case with an experienced and specialised attorney is always better for knowing your legal rights.