How To Access Blocked Websites In Your Country: A Step-By-Step Guide


The Internet has brought everything into our palms. However, when it comes to accessing some websites, the governments of different countries have restrictions. The number of restricted websites is increasing due to the rapid rise of censorship. 

The government is actively taking the censorship of accessing and using the internet very seriously. As a result, some websites are getting banned. Due to the copyright claim, if you are unable to download free movies, games from any site, you should try

How To Access Blocked Websites In Your Country

Humans are smart indeed. Whenever they encounter any problem, they start looking for collusion. When the governments are blocking several websites, we are finding different ways to access all those websites. 

Ghere, we are going to share some of the ideas you should utilize for accessing some blocked websites in your countries. 

1. Use A VPN

The most popular and simplest way of accessing a blocked or banned site is using a VPN or virtual private network. VPN is used for masking your IP address, so your ISP or the government will never get to know which website you are actually accessing. 

By following some simple steps, you can access all those blocked websites. 

  • First, you need to download and install a VPN service provider. 
  • After the installation is done, follow the on-screen instructions for setting it up. 
  • Now, log in to the software, and select the location or region from the list, where the websites you want to access are not banned. 
  • You also can let the VPN provider pick up the one for you. 
  • Now, open your browser, and you will be able to access those websites. 

2. Access Blocked Sites In Chrome

Do you know, Chrome itself can block some websites for you on your computer, or someone else might have configured it. If this is the case, following some simple steps, you can change the particular settings and allow permission to access all those particular websites. 

  • Enter the URL of the website into Chrome.
  • Look at the left of the address bar; do you see the icon?
  • Click on it and then search for “Site Settings.”
  • Now change the blocked status. 

3. Google Translate

Most countries and even institutions do not often block Google Translate. Maybe because it is an educational tool. The best part is that you can actually use this tool for bypassing the restricted website by converting it into some other language, which you might know. 

Follow the below steps for trying it. 

  • Open Google translate.
  • Paste the URL.
  • Click on the URL, whatever comes in the translated section. 
  • You are done. 

4. Website Unblocker

There are a lot of unblocker software and applications available in the market. These proxy websites are one of the best ways to access those sites, which are blocked in your country. 

However, all these proxy sites are not that secure like a VPN is. Here we are providing some best solutions for proxy sites for you. 


5. Use IP Rather Than URL

You might not know that the URL of most websites has an IP address, and the authorities blocking or restricting the site might have just stored it in the site URL and not in the IP. If this is the case, you are free to use the IP address in order to access blocked websites. 

Follow these simple steps.

  • On your Windows, open the command prompt and type tracert to get the IP address. 
  • On your Mac, first, open Network Utility, then click on the option, Traceroute at the top, and then enter the address of the website for getting the IP address.
  • On Linux, in Terminal, just type dig and get the IP address. 

Access Every And Any Site

Now, you know different ways of accessing the restricted sites which are blocked in your countries. If you still have any queries or doubts, feel free to reach us. We will come up with a solution as soon as possible.