Here’s Why You Need To Upgrade Your Inverter

In today’s times, inverters are not only considered to be a luxury product, but a necessity. All appliances in home and offices require electricity to function, which would not be possible during power outages. Thus, inverters have become essential. Additionally, power cuts can hamper your work schedule, personal comfort, and can even damage your appliances. Thus, getting an efficient and effective inverter is a no-brainer, especially if you already possess an old inverter. 

Upgrading or getting a new inverter would be the answer to the frequent power outages, thus allowing you to carry on with your daily schedule without any interruptions. You must also remember to purchase an inverter that can handle the load requirements of your home or office. 

So, let’s take a look at some of the reasons why it’s time for you to upgrade your inverter.

1. Increase in Your Load Requirement

If you want to run more appliances like air conditioners during power outages, it will lead to an increase in your load requirement. Most probably, your existing inverter will not be able to handle the greater load, hence buying a new inverter is the only option. If you try to use your existing inverter, the inverter might burn out and could even damage your AC. Consider your power requirement and Volt Ampere (VA) rating when deciding to upgrade to a new inverter. VA rating is defined as the voltage and current that is required for running the electrical appliances. 

2. Inverter not Charging Properly

It might be time to buy a new inverter if your existing one does not charge properly, completely, or takes longer to charge. The charging issues could also be due to damaged grade separators or dead batteries. However, if that is not the case, it could be due to inverter-related problems such as electrical faults, rusted terminals, or incinerated rectifiers. Thus, it is suggested to contact a technician to understand the problem before buying a new inverter on a whim. 

3. Inverter Making Noises While in Back-up Mode

If you have an old inverter, it may make a humming sound while in back-up or battery mode. This could be because you have a square wave inverter, which is old technology. Hence, it makes sense to purchase a sine wave inverter. Sine wave inverters incorporate the latest technologies and are more reliable and safer as compared to square wave inverters. Additionally, these inverters also make less noise and do not hum. Even though sine wave inverters are more expensive, they are the better alternative when you look at the advantages offered. 

4. Unable to Turn on the Inverter Regularly

If your inverter has not turned on a few times, you might consider the idea of upgrading to a new inverter. Although, if the problem is one-off, it could be as a result of tripped inverter, loose battery terminals, or weak battery. Therefore, consult a technician before making your decision. 

5. Substandard Customer Support

In today’s online era, immediate customer responses have become a norm. There have been so many instances of people buying a new appliance because they were unhappy with the customer service of the earlier appliance. The same applies in this case as well. In case your inverter has some troubles and the company still has not sent a technician and your calls are being ignored, it is advisable to shift to a premium brand. This way you will receive excellent customer care service and support.

Upgrade to the Latest Sine Wave Inverter

If you are facing any of the above mentioned issues, it is time to consider upgrading to a new inverter. Furthermore, you should purchase a sine wave inverter for reasons already explained. Additionally, while shortlisting inverters, make sure they belong to reputed brands like Luminous since high-quality products and excellent will be guaranteed.