The golden age of dating?

Are we in the  golden age of dating?
Photo by CC user Muramasa on Japanese Wikipedia

Are we living in the golden age of dating? Meeting new partners has never been easier, thanks to the popularity of the internet. No longer do we have to meet with total strangers face to face, instead we get to speak to people from the comfort and safety of our own homes by using our computers and smart devices. In fact, things are now so easy that you can choose what sort of dating you want, no need to waste time getting rejected by people who are not of the same mind as we are. So how does this work, and why is it so easy to find someone? Let’s take a look at how this all works.

A lot of dating websites

The thing about online dating is that there isn’t just the one site anymore, in fact there is something out there for everyone. The thing you’ve got to ask yourself is: Are you looking for romance or are you looking for sex? Those are the two basic ways people date these days, and there are many dating websites to please your needs. If you are looking for something serious, then traditional dating websites where people are looking for love work better; but is you just want to have some naughty fun, then casual dating is the right avenue to take. It all comes down to you knowing what you want and once you do, there is no reason why you cannot find a partner out there.

Convenience vs romance

Back in the days, meeting someone and falling for them was all parts of the charms of dating. You would see someone in a bar and you would take a fancy towards them, and you then had to put some courage together and start talking to them. Whilst this was part of the charms of the older ways, the truth is that it took a lot of rejection before finding the right person. The world felt like a small place and people felt more desperate to find someone. But with that struggle came satisfaction, and we could savour any small victories, even if the only thing we got was a little kiss.

Fast forwards a few years and the world feels like a larger place, and we all have a much better access to it thanks to the internet. Rather than going out to meet people, we feel more comfortable chatting online, that way we have the time and space to make our mind up. Furthermore we now have access to a much larger pool of potential partners, all contactable through the tips of our fingers. But of course, what we gain in convenience, we lose in romance. Talking to different people at our convenience feels less human and a whole lot more like counting numbers; and this is the big trade-off.

So is romance dead?

As much as we can say that the internet dating makes people feel like they are part of a big human factory, it doesn’t mean that we can’t bring romance to it all. After all, chatting online using a webcam doesn’t always have to be about being naughty, and there is no reason why people cannot be pleasant to each other. Think about it this way: what is more romantic than two souls waiting to meet, only separated by distance but brought together by a line of communication? Think about the old days of telephone love, when you just couldn’t hang up on your girlfriend and you would call each other all the time. The internet is the same and if two lovers are romantically inclined, then romance can still happen even in this modern world lead by technology.