8 Reasons To Love a Cruise

If you have never been on a cruise then perhaps this is the year that you should indulge in this luxury and fun-filled type of vacation. I seem to speak to more and more people each day who have taken a cruise in the past yet I still feel as though there are many people who have misconceptions about how much they would enjoy a vacation like this. If you haven’t been on a sunset cruise in Tulum yet then here are ten reasons why you should.


Often considered expensive, cruises are more often than not, extremely good value for money. Almost everything on board from your bed to food, drinks and activities are included in your price and you can find some very reasonable rates.


You can really relax on a cruise holiday if you so wish and most cruise ships are full geared up to give you the calming break you’ve been looking for. Most large cruise ships have pools, decked terraces and even spas where you can feel fully relaxed as you float across the ocean.


On a cruise vacation you will be able to take in many different locations on a single trip and most 2 week cruises will make port in at least 10 different places, varying countries, varying cities, the perfect chance to see the World.

Vacation in a Vacation

Most people that I speak to who have taken a cruise have said that they enjoyed the cruise ship experience as much as they enjoyed the destinations that they went to. Ships are kitted out with bars, clubs, restaurants, leisure facilities and many put on shows to rival the likes of Vegas.

Marine Life

There is a strong probability that during your time on the water, you will experience some incredible marine life in their natural habitat. Whales and dolphin spotting is usually par for the course on any cruises around the World and if you keep your eyes peeled then you could spot some of these magnificent creatures.

The Nighttime

There are few experiences that will top what it feels like to stand on the deck of the cruise ship at midnight, away from the noise of the World and staring at a blanket of twinkling stars. It is difficult in this World of ours to get away from the light pollution of cities and streets, here there is none of that, just you and the night sky, perfect.

Great Food

The food is most certainly not a sole reason why you would take a cruise but it really does add to the experience. Because cruise companies know how much time you will be spending on board, they present to you some very high quality cuisine that is cooked by some brilliant chefs.

The People

I have made some friends for life from some of the cruises which I have been on in the past and you can to. Despite the size of the ship you will find yourself running into people quite often and friendships can be formed pretty quickly.