Frequently Asked Questions About a Premises Liability Case

There are many different kinds of personal injury cases that can be litigated in court, which is why it can become necessary for an injured party to seek help and advice from a lawyer. Understanding exactly what type of case there is and what the law says about the circumstances can get the best outcome for the injured party.

One popular type of case is a premises liability case. These cases cover injuries that happen while the hurt person was on another person’s property. In this type of case, the injured party will usually ask for compensation to cover the cost of medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering and any emotional trauma they may have suffered as a result of the injury. In the case of a sever injury or wrongful death, this compensation amount can be six figures or more.

What is a Premises Liability Case?

These cases hold the owner of the property where someone was injured financially liable for the damage done. Everything from a slip and fall at a neighborhood restaurant to getting bitten by a dog while visiting a friend can fall into the category of premises liability.

Different Kinds of Premises Liability Cases

Some of the issues that can arise under the category of premises liability include:

  • Improper signage around a hazard
  • Broken or hazardous staircases that causes a fall
  • Uneven flooring that leads to tripping and falling
  • Broken glass
  • Accidental drowning due to improper pool fence
  • Dog bites/animal attacks
  • Elevator accidents

Slip and Fall Accidents

When a person goes to a public gathering place, like a shopping mall, theater or sporting event, they have the legal right to be kept safe while at that location. The owners and operators of a facility that welcomes the public have a duty to keep that space safe for anyone who comes in. If a person is harmed as a result of failure to maintain this space, a good attorney can help them get compensation for medical bills, lost wages and more.

Can Swimming Pool Accidents Be a Premises Liability Case?

Even if a person can swim well, a swimming pool accident can happen. These accidents are even more likely to befall children, who are often so excited by a swimming pool that they forget the safety measures and precautions they have been taught. If an adult visitor or child has suffered a serious injury or even been killed as a result of a swimming pool accident, contact an attorney to find out what recourse is available. Whether it is a private or public pool, there is a responsibility on the owner’s part to keep visitors safe. If the pool’s owner has not performed that duty, there may be a way for the injured party to seek recourse.

Dolan Law Firm, PC can offer injured parties help understanding the basis of a premises liability case and whether or not the owner of the property can legally be held liable.