Explaining the Brilliant Reputation Management Consultant Reviews

Last year my restaurant decided that it was time to protect our online reputation and so we decided that before it was too late, we would hire a reputation management company. After much searching we found the Reputation Management Consultant reviews, a company who I had heard one or two things about previously, and a company who had some of the most impressive reviews that I have seen for any business.

At first I must admit that I did tread with caution, slightly suspicious at the reviews which had been left and why they were all so positive. I kept an open mind here and eventually organized a meeting with the team, I was really happy with how the meeting went and so we hired them to look after our online reputation. I am happy to say that after a year, I now completely understand why these reviews are as glowing as they are.


When we entered into this agreement with the guys, our online reputation was neutral, we didn’t have many bad reviews online bu no did we have a brilliant online rep that was driving people through our doors. The results after just 3 months of working with these guys were incredible and we were getting covers on Wednesday afternoons and Thursday nights like we had never seen before. The reviews kept coming in the website saw more traffic and we could see the results in the takings. These guys truly deliver.


It was not only the results which we were impressed by but the level of customer service which we were afforded by this amazing rep management company. We are under absolutely no illusions that we are the most important client for that company, but honestly they treated us as though we were, always rolling out the red carpet, always in touch with us to give status updates and let us know each aspect of what they were doing. If we ever had queries then the guys were right on it and always available, a truly wonderful service.


We had one negative review which had been left in a blog post format, from a customer who came in drunk and rude from the outset. I was in the restaurant that night and I watched the abuse that this woman directed at the staff, so the complaint which she made was not valid at all. Sadly when you Googled our restaurant, this came up on the first page, within just 2 weeks the post was nowhere to be seen, thanks to the brilliant team at the reputation management consultants.

The reason why reviews are so good for this company and the reason why I too will be leaving an amazing review for them is that they do the job they are supposed to and they do it to a high standard, they do it with service and a smile and they really deliver on every promise that they make to you and the business.