Choosing the Most Feasible Hangers According to Your Requirements 

Attires of different designs, textures and fabrics need special care while cleaning and storing. If not handled with care, crushed creases will make them look dull and old. For keeping every garment in perfect condition, hangers are among the primary requirements. No matter how expensive your dress is, it will always need a good hanger to stay new and flawless. According to differen locations, types of hangers also vary. For instance, the hangers of your home closet will be different from showrooms. Also, the selection of hanger also depends on the type of attire. Here is some information to help you in choosing the right hanger accordingly. 

Hangers for commercial purpose 

When it comes to choosing hangers for commercial purposes, we need to understand that it is a huge investment, especially for showrooms. There must be uniformity, robustness, ease of handling. Moreover, the hangers of commercial purposes must be affordable. In order to meet all these requirements, clear hangers of acrylic material are better than anything else. Acrylic is a translucent material that is almost 10 times tougher than glass and has a premium look. They are cheaper than most of the options available in the market and provide adequate support to your attire. Acrylic hangers are nearly invisible which helps in giving a neat and clean look to your showroom. 

Hangers for residential use 

While choosing hangers for your personal closet, you can have multiple options. Rather than buying a single model, we recommend considering different types according to your attire. For instance, hangers for kid’s attires and adult’s attires completely differ in their size. If you try to adjust kid’s clothes in large hangers, they will get loose or sometimes damage. For different purposes, we are mentioning list of different hanger types below to accessorize a personal wardrobe:- 

  1. Wooden hangers

Wood hangers give a luxurious look and are suitable for hanging almost every type of cloth. They are rigid enough to hold the shape of your clothes even in extreme conditions. If you have stretchable clothes, use wooden hangers. They do not sag and last longer than most of the other options available in the market. It is advisable to use these hangers for holding heavy clothes. 

  1. Velvet hangers 

These are among the most feasibly manufactured hangers meant for holding your valuable clothes with utmost care. Velvet hangers come with a non-slip coating that prevents clothes from falling off. According to the type of clothes, you cna buy these hangers in different shapes. They are mostly made up of plastic but not exactly like invisible closet hangers of acrylic material. As an enhancement, they also come with clips to hold delicate attires like skirts and business suits that need extra care. 

  1. Acrylic hangers

If you are looking for an affordable option, nothing is better than acrylic material. They are among the cheapest options but serve the purpose better than wired and tubular hangers. Acrylic is a rigid material but looks as clear as glass. Its different types of shapes are suitable for every type of clothes. 

On the basis of clothing items, the shapes of hangers differ from each other. Below is a list of some popular types you can buy from a local or online store. 

  1. Suit hangers 
  2. Dress hangers 
  3. Scarf hangers
  4. Tie hangers 
  5. Shoe hangers 
  6. Travel hangers 
  7. Lingerie hangers 

Swivel, clips, strap notches, paddling. Profile, folding and width are some additional features that one can expect in clutter-free hangers. While ordering in bulk, make sure that you have checked the average price by negotiating with 2-3 online sellers.