Best Ways to Keep Pests Out Of The House

There are few things worse for a homeowner than finding a pest invasion and having to call in the professionals to fumigate and rid the property of said pests. There are many different varieties of pests which you need to concern yourself with here of course, from termites to roaches, wasps to rat and everything in-between. Responsible pest control is not just about ensuring that your property stays free from critters, but also that the properties of your neighbours remains pest free too.

So how can we ensure that pests stay away? And where is the best bat removal near me? The truth is that there are no guarantees, but there are measures which we can take that will greatly decrease the probability of it happening, and here are some ways in which you can do it.


One of the most important steps here is to be vigilant and to take action at the first sign of pests coming into your home. If you see any droppings then you should call out the professionals to investigate further, and even if you spot the odd insect, it may be an early warning sign that there are pests looking to make your house their home. Ants for example often send out scouts to check out potential properties, so a couple of ants in the kitchen may be that early warning sign which you need.

Sealing it Up

Pests don’t just come out of thin air and whilst they may seemingly have superpowers, they have to get in somehow. More often than not pests get into the home through vents or through cracks and crevices. For this reason it is essential that you check the most common areas in the home for this which is the windows and the doors, and ensure that they are sealed. Also pay attention to the loft or the basement, as well as cracks between floorboards or between the floor and wall.

Keep It Clean

One of the best things  that you can do is to keep your home as clean as tidy as possible, as the biggest things that pests hate is a freshly cleaned property. Pests gravitate towards messy places where they can find morsels of food, and then tell their buddies where the action is. Ensure that trash is not accessible, that you wipe down surfaces and that you regularly keep the place free of gathering dust.

Keep It Dry

It is not just food that the animals love, but also areas of standing water. This can provide them with both a breeding ground and a drinking fountain so be sure that you don’t leave water for too long, especially in the kitchen. Avoid leaving dishes in standing water and also pay close attention to other areas such as cupboards where there are water pipes. Keeping things dry in the home are just as important as keeping them clean.

Always know when you are beaten, if you see pests coming in then call up a pest control company as soon as possible.