Awesome Places to Put a Stairlift

There are people from all over the World have some form of physical restriction which can inhibit their ability to get up and down stairs. For those who have such mobility issues and love traveling, their restricted ability often means that seeing, and scaling some of the World’s most iconic tourist spots can prove to be quite a challenge. Whilst many of the World’s most famous attractions do have options for those with limited mobility, there still could be more options and today we are going to take a look at some awesome places where we think that a stairlift would work wonders.

Stairlifts can help massively around the home for those who have physical difficulty, not only to make getting up and down stairs a lot easier but also to relieve the pressure that doing so can put on the body. This infographic from Handicare UK shares our beliefs for which tourist hotspots could benefit from a stairlift, let’s take a look at just some of them.

The Great Wall of China

China’s spectacle of human engineering is an ancient wall that once provided protection from enemies across many ancient Chinese provinces, it is over 13,000 miles long and is so large that it can be seen with the naked eye from space. The wall itself has many areas which are popular for tourists and much of the wall requires visitors to climb up and down steps. Installing a stairlift across the entirety of the wall would take quite some time and even if there was one, it would take you almost 7 years to travel it, installing a lift in some of the popular parts of the wall however would help make the trip that little bit easier for those with mobility issues.

Christ the Redeemer

Without doubt one of Rio de Janeiro and Brazil’s most iconic images is that of the statue of Jesus Christ with his arms spread out that sits on top of the Corcovado mountain, over looking the beaches of Rio. For tourist to get up close and personal with the statue they must take a mountain train up to the top of the mountain and then climb the steps up to the statue. A stairlift atop the mountain to help tourists with physical restrictions would be a great idea to help out thousands each year.

Big Ben

The big clock tower in Westminster London has become one of the most iconic images of England’s capital. Getting to the top of the famous structure offers visitors wonderful views of the houses of parliament and the London skyline, those with mobility issues however may find the 334 steps up to the top a little challenging however and a stairlift would greatly help these people who could sit back and scale the tower in just 16 minutes.

These are just a few awesome places where you could install a stairlift to help those with difficulty reach some of the coolest places on the planet which require climbing. Here are some more places which Handicare UK put together.

Top 10 places we would love to put a stairlift