Achieving a great BBB rating is easier than it seems

Many businesses fret about their Better Business Bureau rating, as they are afraid that the slightest complaint will make their company look like trash.

Fortunately, it is easy to achieve a great rating like Robert Bassam has over the years. Here’s how to get it done…


Dedicate yourself to providing great customer service

The heart of any business that achieves consistently great BBB ratings is focused on delivering an excellent experience to their customers.

Without happy consumers, a company will sink under the weight of the negative publicity that they receive, as people are far more likely to talk about a negative interaction with a business than one they merely liked.

Instead of trying to shoehorn customers into purchasing a product or service, get to the bottom of what their needs are, then offer a product/service that will best solve their issue.

This way, you’ll get commendations for going the extra mile to provide them with what they needed instead of condemnations for pushing something on them that didn’t resolve their problem.

Respond to complaints quickly and decisively

Despite your best efforts, situations will inevitably occur where a customer feels like they have been wronged.

Sometimes, they will complain about the most ridiculous things, but it is important to respond to each and every complaint, as this is the single most important factor that goes into determining your BBB rating.

When someone goes to the BBB to lodge a complaint against you, you will be contacted, leaving you 14 days to respond to the customer.

40% of your rating is evaluated on this simple but undervalued step, so respond even if you know that there is a low chance of a grievance being resolved, as this will help your score more than any other ranking factor.

Do your best to successfully resolve complaints

Not all issues can be resolved, but it is vital to make an honest effort towards doing so, as resolved complaints are the second biggest ranking factor in your BBB score with a 30% weighting.

Can a product be substituted for one that is more to the customer’s liking? Will a cash refund or a voucher suffice? Are they looking for a genuine apology?

These and other actions can be considered when attempting to make nice with an aggrieved party, but even if they are inconsolable, demonstrating your honest attempts to fix things will be enough for the BBB to consider the matter resolved.

Tackle the root causes of consistent customer service issues

Avoid problems in the future by taking a hard look at areas of your business that receive the most complaints.

If one of your salespeople is receiving regular complaints surrounding the shady tactics they use to try to get the sale, you need to step in and correct this behavior. If it doesn’t stop, you may need to fire them.

Is your shipping experiencing problems? By switching fulfillment companies, you may see most complaints in this area disappear.

Remain in business longer than four years

Simply standing the test of time will boost your BBB score. Most new businesses fail within their first four years, so by staying operational beyond this time frame, you will demonstrating your viability in the eyes of the Better Business Bureau.