Options for accommodation in Barcelona

photo by CC user Mattia Felice Palermo on wikimedia

Heading to one of Spain’s most culturally rich cities soon, but have no idea where to stay? There are many different options for accommodation in Barcelona that will adequately meet your needs – you just need to know what kind of person you are to make a wise decision.

Let’s break down each category of lodging below…

1) Stay in a hotel

Of all the accommodation options open to you in Barcelona, staying in a hotel is by far one of the most popular ways to spend a holiday in one of Europe’s most stylish cities.

If you’ve got cash, the Mercer Hotel Barcelona is the only way to roll, as its exquisite amenities, concierge services and attentive staff will deliver value well beyond what you will pay for your room.

For those on a tighter budget, economical offerings like Hesperia Sant Joan will provide you with clean and comfortable surrounds, while occasionally having some pleasant surprises in store for you (like a pool and kitchenette suites in the case of Hesperia Sant Joan).

2) Rent a holiday apartment

As nice as hotels can be, they often lack privacy and a feeling of being at home. If you are seeking these two qualities in a place to stay in Barcelona, then renting a holiday apartment through providers such as House Trip will help you leave behind noisy neighbors and the sterile atmosphere that hotels often have.

Stylish living rooms, sunny terraces, and homely surroundings can be yours, all for less than the cost of many hotels in the Barcelona area. Be forewarned though: you may never want to go back to booking a room at a major chain ever again!

3) Save money and make foreign friends at one of many hostels

If you are on a longer term trip with a modest budget, staying at one of Barcelona’s trendy hostels might be the best option for you.

From the clean modern design of Sant Jordi Gracia, to the group Spanish and Italian dinners at Hostel One Paralelo, those looking to save money while in Barcelona needn’t sacrifice having a great trip in the process.

In fact, due to the social atmosphere often present in hostels, it may prove to be the superior choice for some people!

4) Connect with the locals via couchsurfing

Emerging in the past five to seven years with the rise of the sharing economy, Couchsurfing emerged from a desire to deep dive into the culture of a destination by staying with local residents.

These long time citizens will be able to show you secrets that your Lonely Planet won’t reveal (such as restaurants and bars where locals congregate), cook you regional specialties that you might not be able to find in restaurants in the center of town, and fill you in on the subtleties of Barcelonan culture in a way you’ll be able to understand.