A Shocking 1/3 of UK Students Drop Out of University After 1st Term


New research shows that up to 1/3 of first year university students are dropping out of their degrees at university due to “excessive” workload, money woes, social anxiety, disinterest in their studies and just general unhappiness.

A study performed by www.myouchercodes.co.uk polled 1,200 UK students over the holiday season, and found that about 28% of those interviewed had either already dropped out or were considering to do so by the end of their first year of studies.

Gareth Hughes, an investigator in psychological well being at the University of Derby in England, provided advice to distressed university students by encouraging them to join more after-class clubs and societies in their second term, and to focus on implementing a balanced schedule in order to combat study-based stress.

Most would think that the holiday season would offer stressed students a bit of respite, but an increasing trend in universities adding work to be done over the break is creating an adverse effect and the drop out rate is continuing to increase.

It will be interesting to see how universities combat the issue in common semesters, will they ease workload or take a hard stance? What do you think?


Some schools are asking upperclassmen to offer some advice to younger students on how to balance the workload with social activities to find a right balance.