7 Ways an Online Education Can Help Students Chase Their Passions

Online Education

If you ask them, many young students will tell you they aspire to become professional athletes, dancers, or musicians. As parents, you’re there to encourage and support their goals and dreams, but once they start training and practicing seriously, it often starts to feel like there aren’t enough hours in the day.

School takes up the majority of your child’s day, and practice (plus shuttling them to and from practice) takes up a good chunk of their evening—and that’s not factoring in dinner and homework.

It can be difficult for children to achieve both their personal and academic goals in a traditional school setting; however, there are other options. For instance, online charter schools can offer students a unique, flexible approach to their education that allows them to balance their passions with a high-quality education.

If you are considering a better academic option for your student—one that allows them to pursue their passions—here are a few of the many ways they can benefit from an online education.

1. Less stress on your child—and family

Trying to balance a student’s passions with their academics can be draining, stressful, and frustrating. Online education can alleviate much of the stress you and your child feel when it comes to dealing with the time crunch of school, practice, and family time. It gives your child a margin in their schedule to rest between practice and schoolwork. It also allows you to make room in your child’s week for family, without worrying that they’ll fall behind on their assignments or other responsibilities.

2. No missed school days

You’ll never have to worry about your child missing school because of an audition, performance, try-out, or tournament if they’re enrolled in online schooling. The flexible schedules these types of programs offer can better fit their busy schedules. They can complete their coursework in the early morning, late at night, or on the weekends—virtually whenever they have time in between their other obligations.

3. More time for practice

Flexible hours and courses also open up time in your student’s schedule to dedicate to more practice. They can arrange their schoolwork to help them keep up with the demands their passions require. As long as they’re meeting state requirements and keeping up with assignments, they have the freedom to customize their schedules. It gives them the opportunity to meet with coaches or instructors in the middle of the day and receive better one-on-one attention since most children are still in class.

4. Opportunity to achieve their greatest potential

Sometimes, it feels like students have to give up academic potential in order to pursue their interests. With online school, students have the opportunity to learn from world-class teachers from around the world. Online teachers are often able to dedicate more time and attention to each student, helping them through subjects where they may be struggling. Many programs also offer gifted and talented (GATE), AP, and honors courses to help them reach their full capabilities.

5. Classes that serve their interests

Online programs give students more choices. They can meet state requirements and take core subjects in ways that actually interest them. There is a greater range of subject matter and course themes to explore. Some schools even allow students to customize courses to incorporate their passions into what they’re learning.

6. Learn on the go

Students who are pursuing their passion are often on the go. If it isn’t a practice or class across town, it’s a tournament or performance entirely out of town. One of the biggest benefits of an online education is that students can take it with them on the road, wherever they go, as long as there’s an Internet connection. They can travel as much as they need to without falling behind in their schoolwork.

7. Preparation for the future

It’s no secret or surprise that the world lives and functions on the Internet. With everything online, it makes sense that school should be too. Having an online program on your student’s college application—along with their performing arts or athletic careers—can set them apart from their peers. When they transition into college, a career, or whatever their path may be, they’ll be prepared and equipped to handle the demands of life after high school.

If you are the parent of a student athlete or performer who is struggling with balancing academics and passion pursuits, then consider making the switch to an online education. For more information and tips for success delivered to your inbox, sign up for our newsletter!