The pandemic affected just about everyone in our society in one way or another. Some people saw a change in their routines, while others lost their jobs and loved ones. However, when we talk about professions, there is no profession that has been affected more than health workers, nurses especially. 

As the pandemic hit, we fell back on the healthcare system and the dedicated men and women who made it possible. These men and women had to work around the clock to ensure that every Covid-19 patient received the best care possible. This became a challenge because they still had to tend to other patients who suffered from different illnesses. 

We see a near machine-like precision in executing their tasks, and they always remained in their prime. But how? How did these men and women stay focused and motivated through such a difficult time in history? By the end of this article, you should have a clear idea of how health workers, especially nurses, managed to stay motivated, mentally sound, and physically fit during the pandemic

They stayed distracted from the negativity

Nurses didn’t watch a lot of news or blow off steam watching TV. A lot of them rested in their time off and avoided all kinds of negativity. Watching the news and learning about the new cases would only add to the overall gloom of the situation. A distraction from the statistics kept them sane and encouraged them to focus on their job.
Many of them delved into their books and spent time studying. It may sound counterproductive, but after seeing death and illness, reading course material acted as a welcomed change. Many of these nurses were studying for higher education. 

After the pandemic, most of the course content shifted online. After their shifts, several of them continued to pursue degrees like an online master nursing program and stayed focused on attaining their higher education degrees. 

Seeking comfort in their loved ones

A global pandemic affects your relationships into perspective. Nurses and other health workers often took solace in their loved ones at the end of the day. Going home to their families after pulling double and even triple shifts made the entire experience worth it. 

Moreover, peers and work colleagues provided a unique sense of comfort during this time as well. No one understands the struggles of a nurse better than another nurse. Taking breaks together, eating lunch together, and sharing thoughts on the situation assured health workers that they aren’t alone. Ask any nurse who worked during the pandemic, and they will tell you that they have developed a unique bond with the nurses who worked alongside them.

They stayed fit and healthy

After a 16 hour shift, no professional wants to think about working out or getting some cardio in. That’s what sets these people apart. After long shifts, nurses and doctors did indeed work out to ensure that they were physically capable of taking on the coming days’ stresses. 

A healthcare career is surprisingly physical. Especially when working through a pandemic, there is a fair amount of walking, running between wards, and countless hours of standing. If you aren’t fit enough, you won’t last long as a nurse. Eating balanced meals, working out, and taking whatever rest they could get helped them stay fit during this trying time. 

Meditation and relaxation exercises. 

You will be surprised to learn how much meditation can help you de-stress and stay focused on what’s important. Mindful meditation and relaxation exercises have gone a long way in assisting nurses during difficult times.
Many nurses found a quiet spot for a break and practiced deep breathing. It gave them a chance to be alone with their thoughts and pace themselves for the rest of the day. Moreover, meditation and progressive muscle relaxation allow the person to loosen up and let go of some of the tension they are holding in their bodies. 

They remember the oath

When times get tough in the hospital, it isn’t uncommon for nurses to call it quits. They are surrounded by stress, grief, hopelessness, and a bunch of other unpleasant emotions. What keeps them going?
The Oath. As you graduate from nursing school and attain your license, you must be sworn in as a nurse. You have to take an oath or a pledge to promise that you will hold the patient’s wellbeing in high esteem and do whatever you can in your power to ensure their treatment. A reminder of the oath often gives nurses the ‘shot in the arm’ to carry on their responsibilities. They never thought that this would be an easy job; they swore an oath for the long haul. 


Nurses and healthcare workers need to be given more credit than they receive. If anything, the pandemic opened our eyes to how hard these people work and the dedication they show time and time again. 

Remaining at their prime during a global pandemic took just about everything out of them, yet there they are, showing up on time and getting into their scrubs. A global  ‘Thank You’ is reserved for the men and women who put in the hours to save lives. It’s a pity that Covid-19 made us realize how important these individuals indeed are.