5 Pros of a Weed Subscription Box

There are many advantages of subscribing to monthly weed mystery boxes. From lower prices to mystery products, weed subscription boxes have many benefits.

Some of the best weed subscription packages charge around $10 to $100, depending on the type of subscription. But the contents inside the box have a higher value for money

Besides this, there are many other benefits of weed mystery boxes. For example, here are some of the following. 

1. Products Priced Below Retail Value 

The contents of weed mystery boxes have a lower price than their retail value. However, some subscription boxes overcharge, but that is quite rare.

Most of the packages come at an affordable price and contain products that cost over $100. You may even find some limited edition cannabis products. 

Some popular products that have a higher retail value but come at a lesser price are the following. 

  • Blunts
  • Rolled joints
  • Ceramic, plastic, and glass pieces
  • Bongs
  • Bubbler
  • Vaporizers
  • Grinders

Besides the smoking essentials, mystery boxes also contain rolled paper or limited edition cannabis products such as cannabis-based cosmetics and weed edibles. 

2. Saves You From Errands

A monthly weed subscription box saves you from running that one extra errand to your local dispensary. These mystery boxes contain all the cannabis essentials with extra goodies, and they appear at your doorstep!

You no longer have to travel to a gas station or a local dispensary to buy cannabis essentials to restock on rolling papers. 

3. Flexible Pricing

Weed subscription boxes have two payment models. These include monthly subscriptions and a one-time subscription. The monthly subscription requires you to pay a specific monthly fee to receive a cannabis mystery box.

They deliver it to your doorstep every month. Monthly subscriptions are also available for two months or three months.

Some cannabis subscription boxes also let you subscribe for six months. This payment model enables you to collect discount coupons that help lower the prices of future packages. 

Besides this, cannabis mystery boxes have a one-time subscription model. Unfortunately, this model is more expensive than monthly subscriptions because you have to pay a one-time fee.

But sometimes, these weed mystery boxes contain more expensive items. Such items include limited-time vaporizers, vaping pens, glass pieces, etc.

The advantage of this subscription is that it delivers all the cannabis-smoking essentials at once. You can choose a monthly subscription if you want to restock your supplies.

4. Discreet Delivery 

Cannabis has become legal in most parts of the world. But in many areas where cannabis is illegal, weed is still stigmatized.

Providers who send weed mystery boxes consider this and discreetly deliver the package to your doorstep. 

You can order your smoking essentials without worrying about getting that judgemental look from your neighbors because the many advantages of a weed subscription box are discreet delivery. 

5. Expect a Surprise 

Who doesn’t love surprises? Some of the best-curated mystery boxes come with high-quality, hand-picked cannabis items. But subscribers do not know about the contents of the subscription box. 

They’re always in for a mystery. So many subscribers look forward to opening their weed mystery boxes to receive unique and valuable cannabis essentials.

Moreover, the content of the mystery boxes changes every month, so you always have something to look forward to!