5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making a Workers Compensation Claim

If you have been injured at work, it is your responsibility to report your injuries to your employer. But if you think your injuries are serious enough to warrant a compensation, then you need to lodge a workers compensation claim.

Filing a claim is a complex process, so it is important that you know a thing or two about the workers compensation legislation before you dive into it. If you do not want to be compensated with an amount that is too low for the worth of your case or be denied compensation outright, take note of the following mistakes you need to avoid when making a workers compensation claim:

Not reporting your injury

One common mistake of employees who get into an accident in the workplace is not reporting the incident to their employers. This is very common among those who think their injuries are too minor to warrant their employers’ attention. They do not realize it was a mistake not to report the accident to their employers until it is time to make a workers compensation claim.

When you meet an accident in the line of duty, make sure to let your employer know about it and your injury as soon as possible. In doing this, make sure to report the incident in writing and that you abide by the policies of your employer when it comes to responding to work-related accidents. In some cases, employers do not have such policies so you can simply write a written report about the circumstances during which you sustained your injuries.

Waiting too long to file a claim

Another common mistake you should avoid when filing a workers compensation claim is delaying the filing process. After the worksite accident, make sure you are provided with all the necessary claim forms within 24 hours of notifying your employer about your injuries. Your employer should be able to provide you with all the details you need to file a claim, including your social security number, certificate of employment, payroll history, and more. Once you have all the information you need, you may begin filing your claim form within the prescribed time frame. Do this as promptly as possible, unless you do not want your claim to be unsuccessful. Any procrastination may not only keep you from receiving compensation.

Not seeking medical attention

Do not underestimate the importance of your medical records when filing a workers compensation claim. Remember, your compensation benefits will depend not only on the report made following the accident but also on your medical records. If you fail to explain your injuries to a certified healthcare provider, you may not be able to have enough evidence to back up your claim. In the event that your employer denies his accountability for what happened to you, the records provided by your medical doctor will carry a significant weight in the dispute and will increase your chances of having a successful claim. Never think that you do not need to see a doctor just because your injuries look minor. See a doctor and follow their orders. This is because if the court sees that you are standing in the way of your recovery, it may decide to deny or discontinue your benefits.

Returning to work without your doctor’s recommendation

Another mistake that may jeopardize your claim following a work-related injury is returning to work too soon. There are instances where an insurer orders an employer to find a low-paying job for an injured employee just so they can slash their costs. When this happens to you, make sure to know the details of the job first and that you are already capable of performing your duties before accepting the offer. Remember, you are not obliged to accept just any job that your doctor does not approve. If your employer still compels you to accept the job, it is best to talk to your workers compensation lawyers so you may know your rights as an employee. Returning to work without your doctor’s advice may also jeopardize your claim, since the court may think you are deliberately standing in the way of your own recovery.

Posting about your workers compensation claim online

No matter how tempted you are to share about your work injury claim online, do not. Since insurance companies are the ones paying for the benefits of injured workers, they are predisposed to make your claim unsuccessful. If you post photos or any information about your claim online, chances are they will use your posts against you during the litigation process. Your social media posts may not seem like much to you, but they can make or break your workers compensation claim.