4 weight loss to keep an eye on this year

Every year umpteen trends enter the fitness industry and over time, most of them disappear never to be seen again.

However, some do survive the test of time, and do become solid principles of a successful fitness regime.

As the title may have given away, we’re today going to take a look at the hot trends which are donning the weight loss industry right now. Again, it’s easy to get carried away with “fads” that are regularly seen with this industry, so we’ve tried to pick out the best trends which should have longevity and work their way into most weight loss programs around the country.

Here goes…

Trend #1 – The rise of surgery

This will completely surprise some readers – as weight loss surgery was a bit of a taboo subject several years ago.

To say it has reinvented itself would be an understatement though. These surgeries aren’t the risky procedures that the press used to love to fill column inches about – they are completely effectively and most importantly, as safe as can be as well.

Of course, there are still some untried procedures from untrusted establishments that you should look to avoid. Our advice is to read Sono Bello Reviews and look towards something such as laser lipo; an emerging technology which has nothing but positive vibes associated with it.

Trend #2 – Live-stream classes

This is one of the more interesting trends and perhaps highlights just how important the internet is becoming in helping us to achieve our fitness goals.

Remote fitness classes are all the rage right now – and it’s really no surprise.

You no longer have to leave your own home to benefit from a solid exercise class – with many delivered by some of the biggest names in fitness. In other words, you could quite easily be following a live stream from a celebrity trainer from the other side of the world.

Trend #3 – A corporate fitness focus

Once upon a time companies would never have entertained the idea of providing any sort of exercise provisions for employees but now, the outlook is changing.

We’re not necessarily talking about on-site gyms either (although these are becoming increasingly popular). Instead, we’re referring to some of the more inventive corporate solutions, such as standing desks and the use of physio balls instead of chairs.

Trend #4 – Urban fitness classes

If you happen to reside in a big city, you may have already noticed this trend in its full flow. As we’ve already commented on, exercise classes are becoming more inventive and the use of urban facilities is part of this.

It means that you can be casually driving around the city only to see an exercise class taking place by the side of the road. Or, you might see a group of young moms with their strollers taking part in some class.

Again, the idea of this is to make fitness (and weight loss) more accessible than ever before. Accessibility seems to be the common trend.