4 Ways Couples Can Better Their Time Together


If you’re currently in a relationship, would you say things are going as well as can be expected?

For millions of couples, the “perfect relationship” can seem so far away at times.

Through no fault of either party, some things just always seem to put a speed bump or two in front of that relationship everyone dreams of. As such, there can be times of disagreements, even some differences that can ultimately lead the two to going their own ways.

As 2017 gets set to arrive, how would you assess the strength of your relationship with that special someone?

If that relationship needs some work heading into the New Year, are you both prepared to put in the time and effort required?

Talking and Listening at the Same Time

In order for the relationship with your significant other to prosper now and in the years to come, don’t overlook:

  1. Communication is key – First and foremost, are the lines of communication always kept open? If not, the relationship can quickly enter that danger zone before one or both individuals know it. While talking about important issues is crucial to the health of a relationship, listening to what the other person is saying takes precedence over everything else. That said always make sure that you hear what your partner is saying, even if it is something you may not particularly want to hear;
  1. Quality time – Although couples should never smother each other, the time spent together can make or break a relationship. Always look at the quality (not quantity) of time you spend with your partner. Doing meaningful things together can go a long way in resulting in a healthy and prosperous relationship. For instance, shopping together for an engagement ring, planning a wedding together, taking trips together etc. are all opportunities for more bonding. If you have yet to settle on an engagement ring, why not shop for one together? Whether viewing classic diamond engagement rings from Front Jewelers or other such brands, time spent together ring shopping is almost never a bad idea. If you’re worried (the man that is) that shopping for the engagement ring together will ruin the surprise, don’t be. You can still surprise her when she’s least expecting you to slip that precious ring on her finger.

Don’t Go to Bed Mad

  1. Settling disagreements – Even though you have likely heard the old adage of not going to bed mad, do you practice that just the same? In many cases, you would probably say no. Unfortunately, disagreements can fester for a period or periods of time, leading to an unhappy couple when all is said and done. Do your best to settle such disagreements sooner rather than later. In doing so, one or both individuals will know that the other party was truly listening to their concerns;
  1. Attaining goals together – Finally, there is nothing sweeter in a relationship than when two people achieve a common goal together. For example, if you are married or planning on getting married down the road, finding the perfect place to call home is of utmost importance. For those couples planning on living together without a marriage certificate, the same holds true. By putting your respective finances together as one, you can end up finding a place where both of you can be happy under the same roof. What makes this all the better is the time spent searching for that first place together. Sharing ideas, looking at homes and/or apartments, coming up with thoughts on how to decorate the new residence etc. all prove important. By pulling your resources together, you show one another that you are committed to a long and prosperous relationship.

It is certainly true in what they say about relationships taking lots of time and effort.

That said having quality time together as a couple is not as hard as some may think it is.

Make that time for special partner, showing them that you are engaged in a life together.